Vaping should be fun, with a touch of sophistication, as depicted by the PHIX pods and refillable Alto pods from Hazetown Vapes. The two pod systems are made for versatility, comfort, and affordability to both novice and experienced vapers. The PHIX and Alto pods are lightweight, have an irresistible design, and come in different colors and flavors to keep vapers happier.


The PHIX pods from Hazetown Vapes have gained massive popularity since entering the market and give users value for money.

The PHIX pods are made using a durable 280 mAh pass-thru battery design. Charging the battery fully gives the vaper an average of 400-440 puffs, which is exceptionally high compared to other pods. The pod’s design makes it easy to charge using a 3.7-watt USB magnetic charging cable. An exciting feature about the battery is that it takes about 45 minutes to charge fully and can last you the whole day.

Another outstanding feature of PHIX pods is that they come pre-filled and use a ceramic wicking system. A pod of PHIX contains 1.5ml of e-liquid, and you can choose between 18 to 75mg of your preferred e-liquid.

The pods come in different flavors, which gives vapers the freedom to choose their favorite ones. Some of the most common PHIX flavors include Cool Kiwi Apple, Cool Watermelon, Grape, Mint, Cool Mango, Cool Grape, Blue Raspberry, Spearmint, ICE, Strawberry, and Original Blend Tobacco.

Vuse Alto Pods

Here is what you should know about refillable Alto pods

Weighing just 23 grams, the Vuse Alto pod system allows you to carry it around with ease. Besides the lightweight, the alto pods are also small and can fit in the pocket easily. Customized for novice vapers, the Alto pods match the hype.

The first feature that makes Vuse’s Alto lto pods stand out is their 350mAh battery. Given the high battery capacity in the Alto pod system, it takes between 70 and 80 minutes to charge fully. Once fully charged, the Vuse Alto pod can serve you the whole day and give you between 270 and 400 puffs.

A pack of the refillable Vuse Alto pods contains 1.9ml of vape juice which comes in different flavors. The most common vape juice flavors in the Alto pod include Iced Mango, Watermelon, Peach, Mint, Blueberry, Strawberry, Cucumber, Peppermint, Blood Orange, Lychee, Smooth Tobacco, Passion Fruit, Lemon Berry, and Aromatic Tobacco, among others.

The final outstanding feature of Alto pods is that they are refillable. Once you exhaust the vape juice in the pod, you can easily order another one and fill it up.

Hazetown Vapes is a leading seller of PHIX and Alto Pods in Canada. You can order your preferred flavor online or visit their stores for convenience. Instead of worrying about where to get PHIX pods near me, place an order at the Hazetown Vapes website or call them today. The same applies to Alto pods. Visit the website for crazy deals and offers for all your vaping needs.