With so many brands of e-cigar popping up in the market, competition is becoming more intense, and each brand is trying everything possible to outsmart the other. One way through which e-cigar brands are doing this is by offering a variety of flavors to please a huge number of vapers.

The manufacturer of Esco Bar vaporizer has not been left behind in this race. They are new players in the vaping industry (launched in 2020); however, they have managed to introduce a range of flavors well received in the market.

This Esco bar flavors review will explore the flavors you can expect from the brand. Knowing them will make it easier to figure out what you need to try.

Esco Bars Flavors

Fruit Flavors

If you are one of the individuals who enjoy the sweet taste of ripe fruits, Esco bars have you covered. The following are some of the fruit flavors availed by this brand.

  • Blue Raspberry Lemon

Upon vaping, you will immediately notice the outstanding taste of blue raspberry. On exhaling the vapor from the Esco vaporizer, you will see the taste of lemon left behind by the vaporizer.

  • Watermelon Bubblegum

If you enjoy bubblegum flavors, you will want to try this vape. Your sweet tooth will be pleased all day with the added watermelon flavors.

  • Strawberry Watermelon

This is among the most popular flavors for Esco bars. It will make you feel invigorated with every puff your draw.

Best Ice Flavors

  • Black Dragon Ice

You will undoubtedly appreciate the black dragon ice flavor if you love mint. The vape will give you the long desired icy exhale with a hint of sweetness, keeping you refreshed.

  • Strawberry Ice

 Under ice flavors, it is hard, if not impossible, to defeat strawberry ice flavors. The mixture of sweet strawberry and minty freshness works magic when added to ice Esco bars.

  • Spearmint

Spearmint flavor is suitable for individuals looking to enjoy a direct mint blast icy vaping experience.

Best Non-ice Flavors

In the same way, we have people who enjoy vaping e-juice; we also have those who don’t like them, i.e., those who want purer vapes. Supposing you are one of them, the following are the best Esco bar flavors to try.

  • Rainbow

This is the most sought-after Esco bars flavor, thanks to its inexplicable uniqueness.

  • Red apple

From its name, you can tell that the flavor will taste like a red apple. If you think that, you are right!

  • White Gummy

If you love gummy candy bears, the white gummy flavor of the Esco bar vaporizer will wow you.

What is the Best Flavor for Esco Bar Vaporizer?

While there is a wide range of Esco bar flavors, it is hard to choose the best. Unfortunately, there is no one-fit-all flavor. That’s so because different people have different cravings. As a result, you should buy each flavor at a time and try them out until you find the best taste.

Final Thought

You are never short of options with all the above Esco Bar flavors. The only challenging task you probably have is identifying the best one for you. It’s, however, easily manageable as you can buy your vaporizers from the guide to vaping and try each at a time for an incredible price to discover the best flavor for you.