• Flavor Description: The sickly sweet caramel e-liquid
  • VG/PG Ratio: 10/90
  • Starting Price: From $6.00 to $42.00

If any e-liquid could be called the world’s most famous, my experience suggests that it would probably be RY4, the sickly sweet caramel e-liquid developed by a manufacturer in China and copied by e-liquid companies around the world. After that, though, it would have to be Boba’s Bounty by Alien Visions. People disagree as to the identity of the special ingredient Alien Visions used to create this tobacco blend, but e-smokers seem almost universally crazy about it. I was slow to buy a bottle, thinking the product couldn’t possibly live up to all of the hype. In fact, Boba’s Bounty is darn good. While I can’t say it’s the best tobacco e-liquid I’ve ever reviewed, it is perhaps the sweetest e-liquid I’ve tried that still manages to have a fairly convincing tobacco taste. For that reason, I can definitely see why some people are so enamored by it.


Boba’s Bounty is an e-liquid that people typically say doesn’t reveal its full range of flavors until it’s been vaped for a few days. My experience suggests that’s probably true; I noticed “baked good” taste, reminiscent of a cinnamon roll, the first day I tested it. I didn’t notice that taste again; the yeasty, bread-like notes faded and only a sweet cola or root beer note remained to compliment the tobacco flavor.


In terms of flavor, though, I’m not quite as high on Boba’s Bounty as I am on some of the other high-end tobacco e-liquids I’ve reviewed in recent months. It has a sweetness that’s so prominent, you can smell it. In the week or so that I’ve spent testing it, my wife has asked me nearly every night, “Are you using that Boba Fett e-liquid again? It’s so sweet.” I have to agree; after a few minutes of vaping it, I feel like I’ve exceeded my dessert quota for the day. It’s difficult to say whether Boba’s Bounty has any actual sugar in it, but its thickness and sweetness suggest that something like actual soda syrup may have been used to flavor it.


If you don’t mind the sweetness, you’ll probably enjoy the tobacco flavor of Boba’s Bounty. Given the prominent ashy flavor on the exhale, I suspect that some amount of tobacco extract may have been used when creating this e-liquid. The ashy note offsets the sweetness a bit, creating an overall flavor profile that does resemble real tobacco. It’s much sweeter than the real thing, though. While I can certainly see why some e-smokers are so fond of Boba’s Bounty, the very sweet flavor prevents it from being an everyday e-liquid for me.


In terms of vapor production and throat hit, Boba’s Bounty surpasses my expectations for an 18 mg, all-VG e-liquid. Although VG-based e-liquids aren’t normally highly regarded for throat hit, Boba’s Bounty packs a serious punch even when after hours of vaping. Its performance is really top notch.


Boba’s Bounty has perhaps the largest fan base of any e-liquid except RY4 and its derivatives, but its sweetness becomes overpowering with extended use.