Conventional disposables were good in theory, but many fell short in practice, but Allo came along with an attempt to improve on the disposable concept. The Allo Ultra is the older brother of the well-known Allo Bar vape device. The Allo Ultra has a larger battery and ejuice capacity, which will keep you vaping for a longer period of time, but it retains the simplicity and convenience that disposables have become widely popular for. Furthermore, the Allo Ultra incorporates a smart chipset that automatically regulates the wattage, preventing dry hits and burns and providing a more consistent vape all the way through.


  • Dimensions: 100mm x 23mm x 15mm 
  • 550mAh Battery Capacity
  • Resistance 1.5 Ohms
  • 3.8ml Ejuice Capacity, Approximately 800+ Puffs
  • Over Inhale and Short Circuit Protection

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Allo Ultra ECig

Design and Build

You can tell the difference between it and the Allo Bar right away. The Allo Ultra is a stylish device that is divided into two parts: the mouthpiece and the battery. Rather than the original Allo’s rectangular design with straight edges, the Allo Ultra has a more cylindrical shape that fits comfortably in your palm. The Ultra may have a larger battery, but it is still a very lightweight and compact device that can easily fit into your pocket.

The Allo Ultra disposable vape has a distinct mouthpiece. It is a comfortable duckbill-shaped mouthpiece that is directly connected to the ejuice pod inside the chassis. Because of the shape, it will feel very comfortable on your lips, even if you are chain vaping.

It has a convenient draw-activated firing mechanism, so you can just put the mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale right away. Because there is no button on the device’s body, all you get is a streamlined, easy-to-hold chassis.


The ALLO Ultra Disposable Vape by ALLO Vapor has a 550mAh battery, which is a generous amount of battery for such a small device and a step up from the Allo Bar’s 300mAh battery. The device has a 0.15ohm resistance and over-inhale and short circuit protection to ensure you get smooth vaping experiences every time you take a drag. The battery cannot be recharged, but you can be confident that it will keep you going until you have used up all of the ejuice in the tank.


The ejuice pod comes prefilled with ejuice and cannot be refilled, so you can easily dispose of the unit once it is finished. The pod comes pre-filled with 3.8ml of ejuice, which is significantly more than the original Allo Bar and a fairly significant amount in the disposable vaping community.

Depending on your usage habits, you should get around 800 puffs. Nonetheless, it is more than the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes, so you should be satisfied. With this, you will be able to vape the Allo Ultra for an extended period of time before having to dispose of the device.

In terms of flavor, you have a variety of exciting ejuice flavors to choose from that will make your taste buds jump for joy. Blue Raspberry, Fuji Apple Ice, Grape Ice, Mango Ice, Lychee Ice, Orange Mango Guava, Peach, Pineapple Ice, and other flavors are available.

The ejuice in the pod contains a salt nicotine blend rather than freebase nicotine, allowing you to enjoy smooth, strong, and satisfying throat hits from high nicotine levels. It is available in nicotine concentrations of 20 mg and 50mg. If you are a heavy vaper, 50mg is the way to go. If you prefer a milder high, a 20mg dose should suffice.


The Allo Ultra is an all-in-one device; you can put it in your mouth and vape right away. It’s only $14 at Hazetown Vapes.