Vapers who like the sweet flavor of tobacco will find that Autumn, the Cavendish tobacco flavored e-juice is one of the best tobacco flavors on the market. Flavor Fog has an e-juice for each season of the year. For the Autumn season, the great taste of  Cavendish tobacco is a delight to relish on a typical day.

Autumn is a season when nature starts to renew itself, just like Cavendish is the process of transforming tobacco making it receptive to flavoring. The treated tobacco is a delight to vape. If you like tobacco-flavored e-juices, you will love Autumn,  the Cavendish tobacco e-juice.

Flavor Fog other seasonal e-liquids include Winter, the lemon cake flavored e-juice for the winter season;  Spring strawberry crumble for the spring season and Summer, the Skittles candy e-juice for the summer. Each is unique with fantastic flavors and nicely represent the essence of the season.

A Fantastic Flavor

Autumn, the Cavendish tobacco e-juice is sweet to vape. It feels light in the mouth and throat giving an enjoyable sensation. It has a sweet aroma. Flavor Fog offers the tobacco without adding any artificial flavoring. You enjoy the pure taste of cavendish-processed tobacco. It invigorates you on a cold and rainy autumn day.    

The sweetness is refreshing, not overpowering.The taste lingers in the mouth for a while after exhaling enticing you for another puff.

VG/PG Ratio

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of Autumn Cavendish tobacco e-juice is 70/30. The e-liquid is not too thick or too light. It’s a medium level thickness that is perfect for sub-ohm vaping and rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA).

There is also a very lovely cloud production. Vapers who like to blow huge clouds like the thickness of the cloud and the fact that it lingers a while in the air before dissipating.

Nicotine Level

Vapers who appreciate a mild throat hits find delight with Autumn Cavendish tobacco e-juice. It is available in 3 mg and 6 mg of nicotine strength. Both levels give very mild throat hits. When you inhale and exhale, there is a very smooth and refreshing sensation in the throat. It is not overpowering but provides a cooling sensation.


Autumn Cavendish tobacco e-juice comes in a cardboard box that has minimalist design patterns. It looks quite appealing and sleek. On the box is the logo of the company and the brand name. There is also a mandatory notification that is found on packages of all products containing nicotine.

The CRC Chubby Gorilla bottles are made of plastic and available in 60 ml capacity. The bottle has a nice pen shape that allows easy dripping into tanks or atomizers. The label has similar design patterns like the box and the same content.


Flavor Fog products are premium-quality offered at some of the best prices on the market. They’re for all budgets. If you’re searching for some of the best deals on the market, you will like Flavor Fog’s products. For only $20, you can enjoy the nice flavor of Autumn Cavendish tobacco e-juice. This is a very competitive price and a fantastic opportunity.


Flavor Fog’s seasonal vape juice give vapers fantastic flavors of each season of the year. If you’re seeking quality e-liquids and the top vape juices of 2017, You will appreciate the delicious tastes of Flavor Fog’s e-juices. They are a delight to vape and give a thrilling sensation. Autumn Cavendish tobacco e-liquid is perfect for the autumn season. As you vape, you feel energized and appreciate better the cold and sometime rainy autumn season.

The cavendish process treats tobacco with either fire or steam to give it a nice sweetness and a moist texture. The end result is tobacco that takes to flavoring well, however Flavor Fog does not add any flavoring.  Vaping the e-juice without flavoring gives all the freshness of pure Cavendish tobacco. You will appreciate the mild and exhilarating  sensation.

The nice flavor of Autumn, the Cavendish tobacco e-liquid offers some of the best vaping experience. Vapers who like the taste of tobacco find that Cavendish tobacco is a delight to vape. The taste is sweet. You will like the thrill and look forward to vaping it during the day. You can vape all day and still desire more since every puff entices you for more.  It has a cool and refreshing feeling, perfect to indulge during the autumn season.