Best Banana E-Liquid
This is one of the most beneficial E-Liquids. The quality is, however, better than with many other liquids from other manufacturers who offer e-liquids in this price class.
Bananas Gone Nuts tastes relatively subtly when inhaled, while it has a nutty flavor when exhaled. Banana, we can not taste clear. Still a very delicious liquid with a slightly sweetish touch. We do not want to miss this taste any more.
8.7Overall Score
Throat Hit8.5
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A great tasting banana e-liquid can be the right start to a great day!  There is no doubt that many people like to start off there day with a good cup of coffee, a great breakfast and a hard hitting vape that tastes great!  One of the most popular morning flavors is banana not just the fruit but in muffins also.


Your morning can be nuts without going crazy with this banana nut muffin flavored e-liquid.


All important information can be found on the packaging. In addition, the bottle is very comfortable to handle. The soft plastic of the bottle makes it easy to fill the tank of the evaporator.


Bananas Gone Nuts suggests a mixture of banana and nut .

Composition of the tested E-Liquid:

50% PG / 50% VG / Our tester with 18mg nicotine / ml .

Overall Flavor:

When e-cig users are looking for the best taste right from the bottle they will find it with this flavor, in fact it will remind them of made from scratch homemade banana nut muffins! You will also be pleased with the fact that you can vape your favorite fruit flavor anytime!

Throat Hit and Vapor:

For many people it is not only a great taste that they are looking for but a great overall e-cig smoking experience and with this satisfying hit of this bananas-gone-nuts e-liquid there is no need to look any further!  The vapor production with this e-juice also rocks!

Banana E-Juice by Mount Baker

When many people think of breakfast they think of grabbing a quick banana, and the same is true when they are thinking of their first vape of the day.

Overall Flavor:

The Banana e-juice by Mt. Baker will give you the true banana flavor you desire in the morning.  One reviewer stated that there were totally surprised with the taste and they just can’t stop vaping it, it is their new all day flavor.  Another great thing about this flavor is that it is a great mixing flavor, it can be mixed with other fruit flavors to produce a great tasting smoothie flavor!

Throat Hit and Vapor:

With this sweet and mellow vape e-cig users will get just the right hit, it doesn’t’ overpower the vape at all!  The vapor cloud is impressive with this great morning or all day taste!.

Overall Thoughts:

This vape will be a satisfying start to your day!

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