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0.9Choco Cow - Chocolate Milk E-Liquid
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A great tasting Chocolate e-liquid can be the right start to a great day!  There is no doubt that many people like to start off the day with a good cup of coffee, a great breakfast and a hard hitting vape that tastes great!

Death By Chocolate

Strength: 0,3,6.12 or 18 mg

Size: 15,30,60,120ml

Price: $13.50

Quantity Discount: No

Chocolate is a flavor that some food lovers are incredibly passionate about. Chocolate can express the characteristics of the land in which it is grown, and the processing — How much milk? How much sugar? — can greatly influence the final result. Death by Chocolate electronic cigarette liquid is a chocolate flavor that attempts to strike the best possible balance for all chocolate lovers.This is rich, dark chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! A nice balance of sweetness and dark, bitter chocolate…To die for!

For me, this chocolate electronic cigarette liquid has a taste that isn’t quite like any actual chocolate that I have eaten, though the flavor is unmistakably chocolate-like. Overall, I think that the taste is closest to that of a semi-sweet chocolate morsel. Not bad, but probably not an electronic cigarette flavor that I would buy again, either.

For those sensitive to PG, eLiquid Planet also makes a VG-based version of its Chocolate electronic cigarette liquid.

Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Chocolate Truffle

Strength: 18 mg

Size: 15 ml

Price: $9.95 (19.95 for 30 ml)

Although Johnson Creek’s Chocolate Truffle e-liquid tastes almost nothing like chocolate to me, I actually enjoy it a great deal and have spent more time testing it than I might normally for an e-liquid that isn’t based on a tobacco or menthol flavor. Perhaps it is because I can taste the usual Johnson Creek tobacco-flavored base under the “chocolate.” Although I have recently said that I am beginning to grow tired of this flavor — which seems to be present in so many of Johnson Creek’s products — it seems to work better in this e-liquid than it does in some of the company’s other flavors.

Chocolate Truffle has a definite dark chocolate aroma, but the smell is somewhat different from the taste. On the inhale, I detect a non-specific rich, sweet flavor that I find quite pleasant. On the exhale, the taste of that tobacco base flavor really comes through, but it doesn’t taste the same as it does in some of Johnson Creek’s other e-liquids; the level of sweetness is just right. It’s almost like toasted tobacco with just a slight essence of chocolate in the background.

I find this e-liquid to be one of Johnson Creek’s better products. If you are growing tired of your favorite chocolate e-liquid and are looking for something with a slightly different take on the basic tobacco flavor, this is one worth trying.


Choco Cow – Chocolate Milk E-Liquid


  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Nicotine (If applicable)
  • Sweetener (If applicable)
  • Flavor Extract

Strength: 0,3,or 6mg

Size: 60 ml


I recently found Vape Box – a new e-liquid monthly subscription service where i can choose and change my e-liquids every month until my satisfaction.

My first-month subscriptions from Vape Box included a couple of clunkers, but I felt that the fact I didn’t like some of the flavors and changed my order next month – ordered some chocolates flavors. All of the e-liquids had excellent performance and I really like the theme of using all flavorings. For my next order, I decided to follow the crowd and choose Chocolate Milk, Choco Cow’s most popular e-liquid flavor and an award winner to boot. I definitely was not disappointed.

Although Chocolate Milk is a bit too sweet for me to use every day, I really like the great Chocolate Milk flavor that Choco Cow used to create this e-liquid. No, it doesn’t taste exactly like I’m vaping real Chocolate Milk, but it is by far a more realistic Chocolate flavor than in any e-liquid I’ve ever tried. The Chocolate flavor notes really come through, too; during a long session of vaping Chocolate Milk in preparation for this review, I noticed that my mouth actually tasted like I’ve been eating Chocolate. Not bad for something without any calories or fat to worry about!

A lot of e-liquids, regardless of their flavors, can be mild tasting; you taste almost nothing while inhaling them, and the full range of flavors comes through only on the exhale. That is definitely not the case with this e-liquid. The taste of Chocolate is quite strong on the inhale, and the milk notes come through on the exhale. Adding to the overall pleasure is the fact that this e-liquid has an absolutely wonderful smell. For a few seconds after you exhale the vapor, Chocolate Milk makes the room smell like some kind of high-end Chocolate shop — you certainly couldn’t say that if you were smoking cigarettes!

As I mentioned above,Creamy chocolate milk is a bit too sweet of an e-liquid for me to use every day. If you like dessert e-liquids, though, you must try it. It’s also a must-try if you have ever tried and enjoyed a Chocolate e-liquid before because I can guarantee that you’ve never had a Chocolate e-liquid like this one. Lastly, this is a great e-liquid to try if you are tired of e-liquids with poorly defined flavors. Chocolate Milk is an e-liquid that is tasty, unique and far from shy.

It is obvious that this Chocolate Milk Vape Juice is going to be ones next all day vape if the likes are chocolate, and even if he don’t like chocolate, this stuff can probably change your mind.