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DIY e-juice suppliers have spiced up vaping by providing the best DIY vape supplies needed to create homemade vape juice. It is fun and exciting to experiment with various flavors and clone or create unique e-juice batches. DIY mixing also saves you money. AT Flavorah, we house a superior selection of vape supplies, including afford-able beginner DIY e-liquid mixing kits.

To create your own e-juice, it is important to know where to get the required supplies. There is nothing wrong with deciding to make your own vape juice and telling you where to find the best DIY vape supplies and how to use them. If you are a beginner, your first step will be to identify the best place to get DIY e-juice supplies. 

Although there are numerous DIY e-liquid suppliers in the market, Flavorah provides the best-rated supplies. We offer the best flavorings, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), pharmaceutical-quality nicotine, and various DIY supplies you require to safely create high-quality e-juices in your home laboratory. You can also check out our wide selection of graduated cylinders, syringes, gloves, storage bottles, pipettes, and so much more. In no time, you will feel like a chemist.

Things that you need to get started

Before you start to make your own e-liquids, there are various things that you will need in your DIY e-liquid starter kit. At Flavorah, you can find the best vape supplies for your e-juice starter kit.

DIY E-liquid starter kit supplies

Scale: you need a scale that can measure as low as 0.01g

Storage bottles:  100ml squeeze bottles with nozzle tips to store your supplies. For nicotine, you will need amber bottles that have droppers to get a more precise measurement. The glass in the amber bottles helps to slow down nicotine degradation. You will need 10 ml for new recipes and 50ml to store your e-liquids. The e-juice bottles at Flavorah are easy to clean and very affordable.

Syringes: you will need different kinds of syringes for the different ingredients which vary in terms of volume. For PG and VG, you will need a 10 ml syringe. For nicotine and flavor concentrates, you will need a 1ml syringe. If you plan to use a lot of VG, you will need several 14 gauge needles.

Pair of gloves: our collection of gloves are among the best DIY Vape supplies that you should have in your starter kit. You should not handle DIY e-liquid supplies especially nicotine without using a pair of gloves. Nicotine is very dangerous. When it gets in contact with your skin, it can be absorbed through it and cause adverse health problems. Flavorah provides high-quality gloves that can protect your hands in case of nicotine spills.

Labels: these will be used to identify different vape ingredients

DIY Vape ingredients: check out our wide selection of the best DIY vape supplies of ingredients at Flavorah. Equip your DIY e-juice kit with our wide range of flavors, PG and VG, and nicotine.

After you have collected all the DIY vape supplies, you can choose various e-liquid recipes and try to make your own vape juice or tweak them as your DIY e-juice making skills improve.