Great Tasting Black Licorice E-Liquid
8.5Overall Score
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When it comes to hitting the target on a great taste, black licorice e-liquid is hitting the bull’s eye.  This flavor has taken vaping to a whole new level with its rich and robust flavor it is just like eating the candy with an on target throat hit.

Talking about the taste is what many e-cig smokers are doing as they can’t get enough of it.  Many are using this liquid as their all day vap and they are ordering it in the gallon size so that they don’t run out.  They are surprised at how on target the rich flavor is without being too sweet and that they can literally taste the candy. More than one person reviewed said that they drool for this product and that they have never had an e-juice with this much flavor. In fact many more stated that their old favorites or stand by flavors all pale in comparison.

As far as the overall vape of this e-juice there are very few complaints. The throat hit along with the light vapor creates the satisfying smoke many e-cig smokers have longed to create.  Many different flavors exist but finding the one that is most like the original taste may be hard to find that is why many people are so pleased with black licorice e-liquid because it is a bull’s eye hit every time.