Making tobacco e-liquids with the same true taste of a tobacco is rarely successful, and this is the reason why many vapers split from tobacco emulations once they get used to vaping. However, Black Note wants to turn this progression on its head and aims to create everyday blends that would make pipe-smoker fall head over heels for.

The Prelude e-liquid from Black Note is hailed for its subtle flavor (grown in the plains at the foot of the Italian Alps), with a light, bright, and sweet taste. The tobacco has a subtle flavor but its genuine character is really captured, and the entire thing carries those prominent undertones of sweetness. This flavor boasts of its own authenticity, and converted (or the fruit or dessert vape lovers) users will surely enjoy. Instead of challenging your taste buds, it gives off a soft and subtle flavor underpinned with rich sweetness. Of note, it is not the all too common too sweet problem kind of e-liquid.

Of all the Black Note flavors, Prelude could fall as an all-day vape. It is popularly known as a flue-cured Virginia blend, with light, vibrant, and aromatic tones. It is also often compared to a bit sweeter Marlboro Light. That being said, this e-juice is a perfect partner for those who are in desperate search for an e-liquid with a classic tobacco flavor.

This blend does not give you a very harsh, concrete throat hit. It is so light that it seems that it will just let you know that you took a “hit” or puff. Well, if you have tried an e-juice that does not deliver a descent throat hit before, you will immediately understand its significance. Prelude’s vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio is 50/50. This gives it a perfect balance between flavor and vapor production. It allows the liquid to give off more intense flavor without actually losing that desired throat hit and good amount of vapor. On the inhale the e-juice has that nice, sweet oat flavor, and the exhale is just natural and light sweetness.

The e-liquid is absolutely free from chemical additives and synthetic flavors. It does not contain chemicals like diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, acrolein, and acetoin; all these have been known to cause harmful health effects.

Presentation-wise, Black Note definitely did an astounding job of taking its packaging and branding to a whole new level. It flaunts a classy, elegant cardboard with a worn paper finishing. The label consists of the vital product information including a brief summary of the tobacco blend, nicotine level, batch number, and some warnings and precautions. Design elements like its brand name and logo as well as the faux stamp are embossed on the cylindrical cardboard tubes. It is written in vintage fonts reminiscing the early 1990s.

The e-juice is contained in a glass bottle that bears the same worn paper-style labels as the cardboard tubes. It has a classical medical bottle shape and a black dripper cap. Black Note has definitely exerted lots of effort to make its brand and sophisticated packaging stand out among others.

As for beginners, you could use the on-the-go vaping device Aspire X30 Rover Kit to taste the Black Note Prelude. The kit only costs AUD $59.95. Advanced vapers, on the other hand, could go for the Smok Alien Kit 220W for as low as AUD $99.95. Both vaping kits are readily available at

Black Note has a series of 10 premium tobacco only e-liquids. All are flavored using naturally extracted tobacco from around the globe. It is made from high quality materials following a strict method. The whole extraction process, for instance, could take between 6 and 8 weeks and involve a cold maceration technique to ensure that the best flavor is extracted from the tobacco leaves. The entire technique is meticulous and the manufacturer makes sure that no heat is involved along the way and the flavors do not turn bitter and harsh. Overall, the entire process takes 2 to 3 years paired with lots of hardships.

The Prelude e-juice by Black Note comes in four nicotine strength levels – 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg. A 30-ml bottle of Prelude by Black Note is available at Caktus Vape for as low as AUD $34.95 (the cheapest I know).