Black Note will definitely take previous cigarette smokers down memory lane with its familiar taste and scent. One of its ejuices called Solo is only real classic menthol flavor. That being said, I guess its flavor name is fit and suitable. A lot of reviewers and vapers have raved about this flavor (read here), and based on my own experience, I can definitely understand why. So without further ado, here’s my Black Note Solo review.

There are actually hundreds of menthol-based eliquids out on the market today. There are even flavored ones if you like. However, there are actually only a handful of real menthol eliquid flavors, and this includes Black Note Solo. This vape juice just delivers a solid flavor option that will make you want for more.

“Menthol tobacco; Enjoy a smooth as silk Virginia tobacco overlaidn with a fresh menthol extract derived from genuine mint leaves. Artificial flavours are never part of Black Note’s lineup, even with our eliquid menthol blend. The result is a cool and tingly mint tobacco sensation meant to excite and refresh.”

This vape juice is actually firmly based from Virginia tobacco with a twist of not just one but several menthol oils and crystals. Unlike other menthol-based ejuices that are merely chemicals, Black Note Solo is actually made with perfectly dried-out mint leaves. No wonder why this produces an authentic refreshing menthol flavor that will leave pure freshness and coolness in the mouth.

Each puff offers a solid menthol taste. Initially, your mouth will welcome a smooth Virginia tobacco taste. And then, a nice minty flavor without any harsh bites follows through. One exciting fact about Solo is that it can produce a crescendo of icy mintiness the deeper it goes down through the throat. Another thing, other menthol vape juices tend to be a bit strong and harsh and some taste just like candies. However, since Solo has been made with attention to detail, its menthol tones are well balanced that they do not overwhelm other flavors, which in this case is the tobacco. It can, in fact, give a sensation similar to that of a genuine menthol cigarette, and that I think is enough for me.

Black Note Solo has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol of 50/50. Again, it does not run harsh on the throat, rather it leaves a refreshingly cool sensation. So far, I have not experienced any nose tingling or scratchy throat sensations. Other than pleasing flavor chasers, Black Note Solo also knows how to capture cloud chasers’ hearts. You can definitely expect huge and dense clouds that do not disappear right away. But ultimately, the smell of refreshing menthol in any room is cool to me.

There are four nicotine strengths available for Black Note Solo. It comes in 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg of nicotine. Black Note offers different nicotine levels that will suit your nicotine cravings. To make it creative, the company matched each level to different voice types with a directly proportional relationship. This means, the lower the voice scale is, the lower the nicotine level also.

The 3 mg is called the Mellowed on Baritone and suits former smokers on the cusp of going complete nicotine free. The 6 mg level is dubbed as Tamer with Tenor and aims to give a tastefully tame experience. The 12 mg version is Calming with Contralto. A warm and beautiful sound, this level is meant for those who are prepared for a calmer experience than what higher notes bring. Lastly, the 18 mg level is Toning Down to Alto. This suits former smokers that have been vaping for some time and are ready to start toning down a bit.

Overall, tobacco lovers should not dare miss Black Note’s collection. It is a selection of different tobacco flavors, and some are exotic ones. For a mentholated Black Note experience, Solo will do a pretty good job impressing. Grab your own 30 mL bottle now for as low as NZD $37.99 at

Black Note is a premium eliquid maker that offers bold notes of premium tobacco flavors and minor notes of some aroma and flavor. This company is known not only for its delicious and spot-on flavor but also for its dedication and hard work to each bottle it produces.