Blueberry E juice Review
Awesome flavor when mixed 50/50 with Hawk Sauce. Great Blueberry Menthol
9.5Overall Score
Throat Hit9.5
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Mount Baker Berry flavor e-juice has a creamy combination that enhances the smoothness of a vape.


With other e-cig smokers giving such high remarks about berry flavor e-juice it is no wonder their popularity continues to grow. When people are looking for a great all day vape they are choosing this flavor for its consistency in taste and vape.  Rated high because of the flavor all on its own there are many other reviews that state this flavor is great mixed with other fruit flavors, chocolate and almost anything.


On its own this brand received high ratings due to the fact that the smoothness of this vape allows e-cig smokers to use it as an any time vape.  With no harsh hits and great flavoring it is a high ranking choice.

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PRICE : $7.99