Who can’t live without cereals in the morning? Not me! It’s my staple breakfast food. So the moment I learned about this whole new cereal flavored vape, I couldn’t help but jump from excitement. Since chocolate is my favorite cereal flavor, I was immediately attracted to the Coco-Pops by Out The Box. I can’t wait to share with you guys what how this coco is poppin.

I always have the habit of reading the product description every single time, just to prepare my taste buds from the expected flavors. As for the Coco Pops, it says “Cocoa dusted cereal pieces drenched in deliciously rich chocolate milk.” Short and concise but I’m already drooling because first I love cocoa and second I love chocolate milk… combine these two and I’m out of words. But let’s see if this is as good as it says it is.

Each puff of the Coco Pops is just filled with the satisfying chocolate crunch of your all-time favorite cocoa cereal. On the inhale, you can expect pure cocoa goodness followed by a subtle taste of sugar and milk. And on the exhale, this rich chocolate bites of cereal and whole milk are gradually turned into a creamy scoop of chocolate milk.

Just image a bowl of Cocoa Puffs in front of you, that’s what it tastes like — spot on! I was bit surprised too since its flavor is not really going for like a candy chocolate, dark chocolate, or something. It is really just like the cereals you eat for breakfast. Absolutely delicious!

I had a pretty good vape experience using my Smok OSUB mini. Production is fair. Also, the inhale feels lighter than the exhale. The flavor mostly comes in on the exhale. In a scale of one to five, I give this baby a perfect five.

I also love the scent this produces the moment you take that lid off the bottle. The sweet aroma will linger and curl up to your nostrils long after you exhale. And such feeling will only make you want to vape more of the Coco Pops e-liquid. Meanwhile, for cloud chasers, the Coco Pops is no slouch when stirring up clouds.

This e-juice is made from USP grade glycerin, USP grade propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavoring, and USP grade nicotine. It has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 70/30. I particularly love this ratio because it is smooth on the throat and has the best flavor in tanks.

I bet not everyone understands the importance of this ratio. For your information, the vegetable glycerin is a food additive that serves as a flavor and nicotine carrier in vaping. If you are particular in vapor, then this is something you should take into consideration. On the other hand, the propylene glycol is the basis for throat hit. Since these two are directly correlated, it means that the higher the propylene glycol content there is on an e-liquid, the stronger the throat hit it produces.

The Coco Pops by Out The Box comes in three different nicotine concentration levels. If you want a stronger throat hit experience, you can snatch the 6 mg of nicotine version. Average users and those who are still new to vaping can opt for the 3 mg. But if you want to something without nicotine, the 0mg is readily available as well.
Buy Out The Box e liquids online and grab some good deals. For instance, you can grab a 30-ml bottle of the Coco Pops for as low as $19.99 and 60 mL for only $24.99. The flavor is definitely worth the price!

Out The Box e liquids are crafted particularly for cereal lovers out there. It introduces sweet cereal bits flavor that is drenched in creamy flavored milk, so vapers just won’t stop craving for more. It also offers sweet marshmallow cereal that is soaked in strawberry milk and also golden honey oats in almond milk. These blends undeniably take you back down to your childhood memory lane.

Overall, I super love the unique flavor of crunchy cocoa that comes through with Coco Pops e-juice. It is right down satisfying with a slurp of milk chocolate that you can get when you finish the bowl.