Who’s up for some delicious peachy vape juice treat at a very affordable price?! I would like to introduce to you the Peach e-liquid by Cheap E-Juice. This surprisingly good e-liquid left me craving for more. I have been vaping this for three straight days and I just can’t put it down. I am half way through my bottle already. So to all peach fanatics and fruit flavor enthusiasts out there, read this review.

First off, I would like to praise the nice packaging this e-juice has. It is not overly designed and I can clearly and immediately find my way through the label. It has a summarized version of important information about the e-juice such as the content size, usual warnings, and nicotine strength. It comes in a chubby gorilla bottle, which allows me to directly squeeze out the e-juice into an atomizer or tank. It is also protected with a child-resistant cap, making it safe to be around with kids. But for me, it is still best to keep e-juice bottles out of their sight.

Now, what can you expect from this bottle? Website says “Peach by Cheap e-Juice is a peach flavored e-juice with freshly sliced peaches and apples making this all day vape perfect for the upcoming summer.”

While I agree that this is really most suitable for a hot sunny day, it is still  delicious regardless of the season. I mean, I can eat peaches and apples every day. The juice tastes like it has just been picked right off the tree and turned into a vape juice. I have to commend the natural kind of sweetness you get from this e-liquid too. It is not like others that cause throat irritation. In fact, it tastes just like the juice you get during bites. Because of its refreshing feels, the Peach e-liquid by Cheap E-Juice does not leave you feeling dry and thirsty.

The flavor you get from both inhale and exhale are pretty much the same. The juicy peach flavor is more prominent. However, the exhale is a bit more interesting as notes of apple start to blend in. What’s more, this does not have weird chemical-like aftertaste.

One more thing, have I told you how sweet scented this e-juice is? The instant you open the bottle, you get that sweet fruity scent you smell when you are in a peach and apple orchard (in case you’ve been to one). The air is just filled with this refreshing kind of goodness you just can’t get enough.

The Peach e-liquid by Cheap E-Juice has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 70VG/30PG. It runs smoothly and pleasantly on the throat and does not give off that gag-like sensation. Cloud chasers will also definitely enjoy this e-liquid as it produces huge and dense clouds. I like how these fruity smelling clouds linger on the air for quite some time.

The consistency of this e-juice is thick. However, it does not gunk up your coil or atomizer. This is in fact a very clean vape. I tried using it the entire morning and I was surprised to see my cotton still nice and clean.

Just wait until I tell you the price. So, we have this e-juice with spot on flavor, excellent vapor/cloud production, perfect for an all-day vape, and nice presentation. Would you believe if I say this only costs $12.99? Trust me, my eyes and mouth were left wide opened when I learned about that. You see, while there are other brands in this price range, the quality this Peach e-liquid from Cheap E-Juice possesses is more comparable to brands that are three times the price.

Cheap E-Juice is a Costa Mesa, California-based company that offers a wide selection of premium quality e-juice at affordable prices. The Peach flavor is a part of the company’s Fruit Flavors collection. Aside from Peach, Apple Juice and Tropical Fruit Cup are also available. Take note, they are as good as this one and their prices are basically all the same.

Overall, I would say that buying a bottle of Peach e-liquid is worth the investment. I am highly recommending this and giving my two thumbs up for this splendid blend.