Chocolate Banana E Liquid With Perfect Sweetness
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I admit we’re on a Vapor Zone kick  recently, but, their flavors taste awesome.  Today we’re going to look at their chocolate banana e juice.

Chocolate Banana E-Liquid by Vapor Zone – Choco-Nana

There is a dynamite flavor duo for anyone that has ever had a chocolate flavor. Choco-Nana e-liquid has the combination of flavors, throat hit and vapor production that is out of this world.

Overall Flavor:

The combined flavor of chocolate and banana is like no other duo taste.  When you inhale this e-juice the mildness of the banana hits your taste buds while the creaminess of the chocolate ties it all together at the end. The banana isn’t overpowering, it simply adds an underlying sweetness.


Bananas, everything will smell like bananas and just when you think you don’t smell the chocolate you will there is just the right blend of chocolate aroma to make your mouth water.

Throat Hit and Vapor:

Describing this e-juice and the way it hits the back of the throat can only be done by one word and that is “impact.” There will be no doubt that it hits the back of your throat with a hit much like that of a Halo-like blend. With the impact of this hit the flavor will stand out and as you exhale the vapor production will be one of the highest amounts that can be experienced in an e-cig.

Overall Thought:

For those e-cig users looking for a new or all day dynamite duo of a vape they will definitely get all they are looking for with chocolate banana e-liquid. Grab some here