ChoconutChocolate + Coconut

There is no holds barred when it comes to the outlandish flavor of the tropics with chocolate coconut e-liquid.  This combination of tropical coconut flavor with the right touch of chocolate will have you relaxing like you are on your favorite island.

Overall Flavor:

First let’s talk coconut and lots of it – There are times when a coconut flavor may be overpowering but not with this e-liquid with just the right blend of sweetness the true taste of this fruit stands out.  It has been mixed with just the right amount of chocolate to provide you with all the exotic goodness you can stand.


All of your senses will fall in love with this e-juice combination from taste to smell you will know that you are in chocolaty coconut paradise.

Throat Hit and Vapor:

Just like with any flavor, you want to be able to feel your vape at the back of your throat.  You will definitely feel this one and these vapors will help relax on or off the beach.

Overall Thought:

There is nothing but praise for this chocolate coconut e-liquid.  The flavor is outlandish and exotic producing the relaxation e-cig smokers want every time they take a hit of their e-cig.  Whether they are at work, home, on the freeway or vacationing, vapers will fall in love with this e-juice and will want to make sure they don’t run out.