Once you select the appropriate e-cig, you will need to select the appropriate e-juice that goes with it.  Most of the rechargeable electronic cigarettes, ego, as well as personal vaporizers are easily refilled using available flavor liquids.

Without e-liquid, electronic cigarettes are just shells. They can’t do anything. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that convert liquid nicotine into a mist which is inhaled. There is no fire, no ash, and no smell – just water vapor and, depending on your preference, refreshing taste.

Just like traditional cigarettes, e-liquid cartridges are available in different flavors, grades, and nicotine strengths. Before you go ahead and order a new cartridge, it’s important to know what to look for in an e-liquid and how to decide what’s best for you.

So, here’s how to choose an e-liquid.

Buy only from reputable e-liquid suppliers

With the market having thousands of varying flavors, and some selections with different nicotine strengths, E-liquid provides the high flexibility that was previously not possible in conventional tobacco smoking. It is advisable for you to go for e-liquids of excellent quality preferably made by US manufacturers and sold by a vendor who is reliable.

The importance of purchasing e-liquid only from reputable suppliers cannot be overstated. There is a huge market for cheap e-liquids that have not passed pharmaceutical tests, and these are not fit for human consumption. These e-liquids could be harmful to your health, and if they are not sealed within the cartridge effectively, e-liquid can leak. If ingested in liquid form, nicotine can be fatal. Do not consider settling for cheaper options manufactured from other countries because many of them are of poorer quality. Though the cost of quality e-liquid could be higher, it is still much cheaper compared to smoking tobacco.

E-liquid is always made up of the same four ingredients – propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and added flavoring. But, it is the way these ingredients are mixed and the quality of those ingredients that’s important.


The other ingredient commonly found in e-liquid is some flavoring. Food grade flavorings are used and should ideally contain just flavor and propylene glycol. Other ingredients added to the mix could clog up the atomizer on an e-cigarette, so it is best to find flavorings with just these ingredients. All sorts of flavors are traditional, from tobacco blends to fruits and desserts. They can make for an appetizing vaping experience, and if you are not adding any nicotine to the e-liquid, the flavorings mixed with a diluent can make for a very nice satisfying smoke.

Once you have educated yourself on what a quality e-liquid is, you can shop for flavors. E-liquids are available in a variety of different flavors, including traditional tobacco and menthol. For those who are more adventurous or simply want to break away from the same-old taste of smoking, you might like to try apple, aniseed, raspberry, vanilla, watermelon, or another exotic flavor available.

There are a few more things that people occasionally add to e-liquid, such as ionized water and sometimes even alcohol such as vodka. This is just to make a different kind of vapor, as sometimes with experimentation people find that they can produce a vapor they prefer, that might give a better throat hit or produce more clouds of vapor, and so they add such ingredients to suit their taste.

E-liquids are designed to replicate the feel of tobacco smoke. The flavors we stock are truly stunning and are sure to appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

Nicotine strength

The EU have recently approved new rules for electronic cigarettes which say that e-cigarette cartridges must not exceed 20 milligrams of nicotine. Those rules also say that e-cigarettes need to have warning labels on them and childproof designs.

From here, gradually take lesser amounts until you get the level you enjoy more or even reach 0 mg nicotine content. The bottle will contain the actual concentrations in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml). Note that these dosing levels do not have standards and different manufacturers may come up with differing levels. You will, however, get general guidelines that are easy to follow.

  • Nicotine-Free: 0 mg nicotine level
  • Moderate Strength: 4mg to 8 mg of nicotine
  • Medium Strength: 10mg to 14mg of nicotine
  • High Strength: 16mg to 18 mg of nicotine
  • Extra High Strength: 24mg to 54mg of nicotine
  • Warning, 54mg of nicotine is too high!

With a 20 milligram limit, you can buy e-liquids from 1 – 19 milligrams. Most people go for 18 mg and 12 mg strengths. 12 mg strength is best for individuals who smoke 1 – 5 cigarettes a day, 18 mg for those who smoke 5 – 10 cigarettes a day, and 24 mg for those who smoke 10 – 20 cigarettes a day.