Picking the right vape is necessary because there is a correlation between the vape device and the experience you get, but it can be a hassle. A good vaping device always adds to the overall experience of vaping—especially for Delta 11 strains. There are a few delta 11 vapes that one can actually rely on for maximum enjoyment. The Ghost Delta 11 Disposable Vape is one such brand.

Features and Specifications

  • Integrated Rechargeable Battery (280mAh)
  • It has 2 grams of distillate in it.
  • Made Using Delta 11 and Strain-Specific Terpenes
  • contains less than 0.3% Delta 9.

Design and Build Quality

The vaping device’s sleek, portable form makes it very appealing. This vape is excellent for vaping on the go. The device’s user-friendliness makes it ideal for individuals who are just starting out in the world of vaping. It is an exceptionally practical, compact, and powerful Delta 11 vape that utilizes the strength of Delta 11 blends to deliver an exceptional flavor.

This quality vaping gadget features a one-time-use design, letting you use it when you want and discard it after the pre-filled distillate runs out. It is the best choice because of its portability and low cost when compared to other non-disposable vapes. This device shines if you want to test vaping without making a financial commitment. Each device has a built-in 280 mAh battery and 2 grams of distillate that has been expertly prepared with a combination of Delta 11, Delta 9, and terpenes.

Flavor Review

  • Sojay Haze: It has an unusual flavor that combines citrus with a floral aroma. This flavor complements the Sativa strain’s mood-lifting effects. It’s no surprise that this mystifying and uplifting blend is a fan favorite, as it’s derived from a cross of two bestselling strains, BC Big Bud and Grape FX.
  • Blackberry kush: Its sweet, blackberry-like scent provides a calming feeling, leaving you with a dreamlike body, mind, and taste experience. This indica strain takes excellent advantage of the aroma and intensity achieved by combining the Afghani and Blackberry strains.
  • Animal mint: When you take a whiff of this hybrid strain, you will quickly understand why it is many people’s favored choice. The sweet aroma, combined with a minty flavor, is a crowd-pleaser. This strain was created by crossing SinMin cookies with animal cookies. It offers a relaxing impact that is ideal for relaxation throughout the day after work hours.
  • Hippie crusher: When you take a whiff, you’ll notice the undertones of Kush Mints and Wedding Crasher strains. The Delta 11 Ghost strain was created by combining the flavors of two popular strains. Being an Indica strain, aside from its flavor, it also has a high potency. Hippie crusher provides a rush that stimulates your body’s senses, improving your mood for a joyful and relaxed evening.
  • Strawnana: The strawberry-banana strain, or Strawnana for short, has gained popularity among sweet-tasting vapers. The strength is incredible, which comes as no surprise given that the Sativa strain is a cross between Banana Kush and Bubblegum—two extremely strong strains. Its sweet and fruity flavor is enhanced by the tranquil and serene sensation sent to your bloodstream with each puff from this Delta 11 vape.

About The Manufacturer

Ghost is a hemp-based product manufacturer based in the United States. Their cutting-edge technology and procedures enable them to provide the highest-quality cannabinoid products. Using only the finest ingredients, they create pure distillates with high potency and enhanced flavor.

Pricing and Availability

For the best deals, you can find this product on the Superstrain website. Superstrain has one of the best retail prices in the CBD market. They are also very convenient to use. When you place an order, it is delivered to your front door.