Today we sampled the Vapor Zone Cuban Cigar E juice.  These are our findings.

Cuban Cigar E-Liquid

E-cig users can have all the extravagance in flavor they are looking for when they vape Cuban cigar e-liquid.  People who enjoy the real deal will enjoy this e-juice even more because the flavor is on the money and you can vape it no matter where you are. We think it’s a e-liquid even JFK would be proud of…

Overall Flavor:

Your taste buds will thank you over and over again when you vape this e-liquid especially if you have ever had a true Cuban cigar.  The only difference will be that this is an e-juice there is no skimping on the flavor it is as true as you can get.  It has a slight kick of spice with the overall taste of a good stogie.


For those people who love going into a tobacco shop because of they enjoy the aroma they experience when they walk in the door, you will have that same experience when you open up this e-juice. You will think you just stepped into Cuban cigar heaven.

Throat Hit and Vapor:

The enjoyment of any smoking experience is usually based on what the you feel as you take a hit and the satisfaction they experience when they exhale.  Those who enjoy smoking Cuban cigars will experience the same punch of a throat hit that they get from the real thing.  Obviously, it’s not exactly as hard hitting as a Cuban cigar but, in a vape this is as close as you’re going to get.  The vapor production is comparable as well.

Overall Thought:

Cuban cigar e-liquid has been proved to be an extravagant vape for anytime of the day.  It has everything  you love about these cigars and it provides them with the ability to revel in this flavor without settling for anything less than a high quality vape.  Try some: