Who doesn’t love the taste of a good soda.  Cola e-liquid allows people to enjoy that taste all day long without all the extra calories.  When you’re not opening up a can of soda you can be enjoying the great taste in a satisfying vape.  Whether you choose to vape this flavor right out of the box or with one of your other favorite flavors this e-juice is sure to be a favorite of those who try it. Our two recommendations are:

Cola Blast by Vapor Zonecola e liquids

Just like the first invigorating sip of a soda pop the exhale of this flavor will have you thinking you just opened up a can of your favorite cola.  If you’re the type of person who needs your soda to keep you going throughout the day you can now have it even without opening a can. That is because this vape produces the hit and the vapor that leaves you completely satisfied.

Cola by Mount Baker

If you enjoy your “bubbly” colas you will be exceedingly pleased with the bubble this flavor brings to your vape.  It is a great cola flavor and a solid cola vape.  If is a full cola taste and doesn’t need any extra shots, because it is a full flavor it can be mixed to create another desired all day vape flavor, think cherry coke!  Besides the flavor, it has been said in reviews of this e-juice that it has tons of thick vapors. Give it a try, let us know what you think.

We love both cola e liquid favors but probably prefer the Vapor Zone slightly because of how clean it feels on the exhale.