Custom E Juice Blending Made Easy
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One thing that sucks as a vaper is not being able to find good custom e juice blends.

Problem solved thanks to Vapor Zone.   They allow the creation of up to 30,000 e liquid varieties.

Check it out in the below screen shot tutorial.


In just a few moments you can create a brand new e liquid blend.  It will then be hand mixed, fresh and home delivered to your doorstep.

This little mixing ability makes it easy to make your favorite flavors or even flavors that no one else has ever created.  Here are a few examples of what you could make:

Peaches + Creme = Peaches and Cream E Liquid

Vanilla + Tobacco + Mint = Cool Ice Tobacco E Liquid

Chocolate + Berries = Chocolate Berry E Liquid

You get the point.  Try it out for yourself and have fun custom mixing your e liquid!

You can also let us know below and custom mixed e liquids that you created that you love as we love trying new stuff.