A flooded atomizer is probably the most common problem that people who prefer dripping with electronic cigarettes encounter. When the atomizer is flooded, there is too much liquid in the wicking material inside the atomizer for it to properly vaporize, which causes decreased vapor production with some atomizers, and a burned taste in the mouth with other atomizers . These are also the signs of an atomizer that is getting dry, so the common response is to add more liquid. Before you know it, your hands are covered with electronic cigarette liquid, and so is your battery.

Begin by removing the drip tip from your electronic cigarette and removing the atomizer. Using a paper towel, dry the battery contact off completely, then dry the outside of the atomizer off as well.

Hold a paper towel behind the atomizer, and blow hard through both ends to clear the majority of the liquid from inside the atomizer. You may get a little electronic cigarette liquid on your lips; wipe it off.

Reassemble the electronic cigarette and add a few drops of liquid. Allow the liquid to settle inside the atomizer, and you should be able to use the electronic cigarette again.