• Flavor Description:Decadent Vapours Habana Reserve
  • VG/PG Ratio: 60/40

During the nearly three years in which I’ve reviewed e-liquids, I’ve tasted some remarkably good products that managed to remind me very strongly of real tobacco without containing any of the real thing except for the nicotine. Products such as Freedom Juice by Halo and ECOPure Rich by Intellicig represent everything that can be great about an e-liquid when the manufacturer doesn’t try to make it something it could never be.

On the other side of the coin are abominations like RY4, which essentially combine mystery nut flavors with sweeteners and hope that the nicotine hit will be enough to suggest “tobacco” to e-smokers. The combination certainly works for some people — just about every e-liquid company has an RY4 flavor in its lineup — and the same may be true of Habana Reserve by Decadent Vapours. However, I’ve been testing Habana Reserve on and off since the holiday season and find it so far removed from the flavor of actual tobacco that it’s difficult to derive any pleasure from it at all.


Habana Reserve resembles tobacco most closely when it’s still in the bottle. On the nose, I can detect a faint trace of something that reminds me of a cigar. It’s a bit closer to the smell of the Cuvana e-cigar I reviewed not too long ago than it is to the “barnyard” flavor that all too many e-liquid companies add to their cigar e-liquids, which is a definite plus. Unfortunately, though, that smell doesn’t carry over to the tasting.


Vaping Habana Reserve, I detect two prominent flavors. The first is the vaguely cigar-like note that smells quite like a cigar but doesn’t taste much like one, and the second is a heavy dose of sweetness — far more sweetness than you’d ever find in real tobacco.

The overall impression is that of tobacco candy, which definitely isn’t what I want in a cigar e-liquid. If you’ve ever tried a product like Camel snus and were unable to enjoy the taste of the tobacco because of the large amount of added sugar, you probably won’t care for Decadent Vapours Habana Reserve.

Throat hit.

Another unfortunate issue with Habana Reserve is the throat hit. I love a tobacco e-liquid with a strong, smooth throat hit, but I find this e-liquid rather scratchy. While it hasn’t made me cough, it often feels like it might.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this e-liquid isn’t one I can recommend. Although many of the best tobacco e-liquids coming out today derive their flavor from real tobacco extracts, it’s still possible to create some interesting and compelling flavors using creative combinations of other ingredients. With Habana Reserve, though, that approach wasn’t a successful one.

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