Many electronic cigarette users begin with an electronic cigarette that uses disposable flavor cartridges. When you pull on the cigarette, the battery automatically turns on, causing the atomizer to vaporize the liquid inside the cartridge. This is highly convenient, but in my experience, it does not produce enough vapor consistently to satisfy me. Maybe you’ve used an electronic cigarette before and been squirted in the mouth with nicotine liquid on the first draw. As you continue to use the cartridge, you get a few good draws before vapor production begins to drop sharply, forcing you to discard the cartridge before it actually runs out.

In my opinion, this not satisfying enough to be a good alternative to smoking. I needed something that worked all of the time, so I began dripping.

When you drip with an electronic cigarette, you put a few drops of e-liquid directly on the atomizer, then draw on the electronic cigarette to vaporize the liquid. Until the atomizer dries out, the vapor production is consistent, reliable and satisfying.

So, how do you do it? The easiest way is with a drip tip. Rather than a closed cartridge, a drip tip is an open mouthpiece that fits over the atomizer of the electronic cigarette. Using an electronic cigarette liquid with a dropper tip or a separate dropper, place a few drops directly into the drip tip. Wait a few moments for the liquid to run down into the atomizer, then use the electronic cigarette. I prefer a manual battery, which gives me complete control over vapor production.

When the vapor production begins to decrease, add 2-3 more drops and continue. Remember that you should never run the atomizer dry, as this could damage it. At the same time, avoid adding so much liquid that you flood the atomizer. Depending on the electronic cigarette model that you use, you may find that you need to vary the number and timing of the drops to maximize the vapor production.