Nicotine liquid, popularly known as e-Liquid or e-Juice, or vape juice can be modified for different kind of flavors to suit individuals mood or vaping taste. All vapers vape the unlimited combinations of flavor and the variety of nicotine levels that can be adjusted to their unique taste or mood.

Eliquid or e-juice strength mainly varies from 0mg nicotine level to 54mg nicotine levels. The more you vape, the more nicotine that you have in your vaping system. Heavy vapers enjoy a higher number while light vapers who are weaning off of the nicotine will taste the lower nicotine strengths.

E-Liquid and E-Juice Ingredients

PG – propylene glycol– This chemical substance is actually used in FDA-approved food ingredients or inhalers. It is commonly used in PG to sanitize the air. It mainly prevents the buildings airborne fungus & also prevents viruses of any kind from spreading.

VG – vegetable glycerin– It is actually used as an e-liquid bonding agent, sweetener, and preservative for all kind of drinks and foods.

Food grade flavoring

Used in almost any food or drink you buy. Many vapers will buy their own flavorings, PG, and VG to mix their perfect blend.


Liquid Nicotine Flavors

There are multiple different sizes of e-juices that are available such as B-Plus 5 ml e-juice which includes a variety of flavors that are available in the market of nicotine liquid to choose from. They range from tobacco & cigar flavors to sweet and sugary flavors. Some are made to simulate actual cigarettes and come in flavors like regular tobacco and menthol. Then there are e-juices such as vanilla, strawberry, coffee, chocolate, and coconut that mimic fruits or common sweets. Other e-juices come in exotic flavors such as bigfindeal ejuice and strawberry daiquiri. The sky is the limit when it comes to the different amounts of flavors of e-juices.

Try a flavor that will satisfy your taste buds. I choose my flavors of e-liquid from bigfindeal and a popular vaping online store – cape vape according to my moods. When I need a lift, the vanilla and chocolate flavors do the trick. Other times, like after dinner, a strawberry and cherry flavor are simply delicious. When I crave a crisper, fresh taste the mint or fruity flavors are the best.

I also like to mix flavors together like an apple with cinnamon, coffee with caramel, or mint with chocolate. Being able to switch-up, or mix-up flavors as you desire is just one of the many benefits of e-liquid. Don’t be afraid to mix them up. Just remember not to mix up too much at a time in case you don’t like the taste.

Nicotine Levels

E-liquids come in varying nicotine concentrations to suit different needs and tastes. This is an important feature because vapers have the option of lowering their dose of nicotine gradually unlike tobacco cigarettes. Many users vape a nicotine-free e-liquid just to satisfy their habit without the nicotine. For many, getting to a 0mg nicotine e-juice is their goal and they can accomplish this slowly so they do not crave cigarettes.

The dosing levels are not standardized and different manufacturers have different levels. However, they are general guidelines that are typically followed.

No-nicotine e-liquids contain 0mg of nicotine per milliliter.

Low-nicotine e-liquids contain 4-8mg of nicotine per milliliter.

Mid-nicotine e-liquids have a nicotine concentration of 10-14mg per millimeter.

High-nicotine e-liquids have 16-18mg per millimeter.

Extra-high e-liquids have 24-54mg per millimeter. !!! WARNING 54mg nicotine is TOO STRONG!!!

The actual concentration levels will usually be found on the cartridge or liquid container in the format of mg/ml.

Start out with higher nicotine levels, such as 24mg or at least 12mg at first to see how you like the taste and nicotine level. Then you can work your way down to a satisfying level or even all the way down to 0mg nicotine if you wish.