This article will address the issues with problems associated with e-liquid and refilling. Although the concept is simple, refilling your cartridges with e-liquid requires a little bit of practice. Below are the most common questions and troubles regarding vape juice!

For the sake of simplicity, I will refer to the refill cartridge as such:



1. Filter – orange/brown cartridge

2. Tube – cartridge inside of the Filter
(this holds the e-liquid)
3. Filler – polyester fiberfill (cotton-looking stuff)

inside of the Tube

How many drops can be placed into the cartridge?

It depends on the size of the e-cigarette and the size of its cartridges. For our Firelight and Opus models, which are roughly the same size as a ten 0s and standard king, respectively, 2-3 drops are sufficient. It’s hard to give an exact figure, especially since there are so many different models, so start off with one drop and go from there.

Why does liquid leak out after refilling?
Perhaps the most difficult part of the entire refilling process is making sure the liquid does not leak out when you’re using the e-cigarette. The reasons for leakage include overfilling, laying the e-cigarette on its side, and not placing the drops into the cartridge properly. Inside of the Filter, the Tube holds both the e-liquid and the Filler. The drops must make it into that Tube, and any that do not will seep out the side and leak out into your mouth when you use the e-cigarette.

After placing one drop, you may notice the liquid is already pooling at the brim of the Tube. Unravel one end of a paper clip and stick it into the cartridge to move the Filler around and cause the liquid to go down into the Tube. After you’ve done this, you should be able to place more drops into the Tube.

What are other methods of refilling?
One method is the paper clip method. With the end of an unraveled paper clip, you can remove the Tube by inserting the paper clip through the hole on the mouthpiece end of the Filter, as shown in the photo on the left.

Push the paper clip through the hole gently so the Tube comes
out of the other end, as shown in the photo on the right.

Keep in mind that as you are doing this, you want to keep the filter upright so the e-liquid does not leak. The filter and tube are shown sideways in the photo because, well, I only have two hands and someone had to take these photos!

Then, you can proceed to refill as you normally would. This method is expensive, more messy, and will take more time to refill. But It can give you a better idea of just how much your cartridge can hold and a better understanding of the “mechanics” of the e-cigarette.

After you are done refilling the Tube with e-liquid, place the Tube back into the Filter and push down on the edge of the Tube with the paper clip to nudge it back into place. Push gently until you can no longer push anymore.

Another method, and perhaps the most popular, other than the traditional drop-the-liquid-into-the-tube method, is to use a syringe or a dropper with a thin neck. Both can be obtained at a CVS, Walgreens, or any pharmacy-type convenience store. Having the long neck of a dropper or a syringe helps out greatly with accuracy.


Direct Dripping – A Quicker Way to Fill your E-Cig with Juice

Once you’ve been vaping for a while, you’re sure to discover it takes a little work (…or money) to keep vaping. By this, we mean the maintaining a steady supply of nicotine liquid that’s necessary to enjoying your electric cigarette.

Two of the most common options include pre-filled cartridges or ones you fill yourself using a bottle of liquid you purchase from an e-cigarette retailer.

Both of these options have their drawbacks. Either they’re expensive (pre-filled cartridges) or they’re time consuming (fill your own cartridges). If you vape often enough, filling your own cartridges may seem like a part-time job you’re not getting paid for.

What’s a vaper to do? Do you try and adjust your habit so you’re not spending so much time re-filling cartridges?

Fortunately you don’t have to…

Direct dripping, or simply ‘dripping,’ presents a viable solution to this dilemma. In a basic sense, direct dripping is where you drip nicotine juice directly onto the bridge of your atomizer rather than rely on your cartridge’s filler to ‘wick’ the juice to the atomizer.

Before you start dripping you need to be sure your personal vaporizer unit has a sealed battery (…which you find on manual e-cigarette models, not automatic ones). The reason you should have a sealed battery is because liquid can leak through the hole and into the battery, which destroys it.

(Batteries that are ruined this way will NOT be covered by any warranty).

If you have sealed battery, you can take the following 3 steps to direct drip nicotine juice into your atomizer.

1.     Take your cartridge and remove the filler, which looks like cotton

2.    Take your bottle of juice and drip a couple of drops on the bridge of your atomizer. If the bridge is dry, prime by placing an additional 3-4 drops

3.    Replace the empty cartridge and vape on dude!!

Once you’re vaping, if you hear a gurgling sound and don’t get any vapor, your atomizer is flooded. Take the cartridge off and blow on the other end to dry the excess liquid out. Conversely, if you experience a burnt taste, then your atomizer is too dry and needs more liquid.

Direct dripping is, generally speaking, a quick way to get nicotine e-juice to your atomizer so it can be heated into vapor. Drip tips (see picture) like the ones available on our main site can help you put nicotine liquid into your atomizer without any mess.

If you’re getting frustrated with buying pre-filled cartridges or trying to fill your own e-cigarette cartridges, consider direct dripping today. Many veteran vapers choose this method because it’s both cost AND time effective.


I refilled my cartridge, but there is no vapor. What’s going on?

Atomizers can “drown” if there is too much liquid in the cartridge. Atomizers should be kept moist but not overly wet. When there is too much liquid in the Tube, the atomizer may not vaporize properly. At this point, you can remove the filter from the atomizer and soak up some of the vape juice on your atomizer by dabbing it lightly with a paper towel. You can also dab the inside of your Filter with a cotton swab to absorb any excess liquid.

And this concludes the most common issues with refilling cartridges with your new vape juice. Hope this helps and serves as a handy guide during your refilling venture! :)