Strength: 11 mg

Size: 15 ml

Price: $12.99 ($14.98 with optional dropper top)

Quantity Discount: Buy


When I first tried eLiquid Planet’s Essence Ice electronic cigarette liquid, I thought that it didn’t taste like anything, and that I would end up writing an extremely negative review. Then a funny thing happened; I started to like it. Then I started to like it a lot. Today, eLiquid Planet Essence Ice is my favorite electronic cigarette liquid and my daily vape.

I think that the Volcano Lava atomizer is the perfect companion for this extremely mild electronic cigarette liquid. With an atomizer that produces a large amount of vapor, the true taste of this liquid really begins to come through. It has a very smooth flavor, with a light but discernible nicotine punch. In addition to the slight hint of mint flavor, I detect a flavor note that is highly reminiscent of a cigar. In fact, it’s almost like a menthol cigarette that’s even better than the real thing, and it won’t give you bad breath.

eLiquid Planet Essence Ice combines the smooth flavor notes of menthol, cigar tobacco and mint to create a very pleasurable electronic cigarette flavor that I have grown incredibly fond of. If you like an electronic cigarette liquid that doesn’t overpower or stay in your mouth (or on your atomizer) for hours, eLiquid Planet’s Essence Ice is a flavor that you are likely to come back to again and again.

Flavor combination idea: Try combining two drops of eLiquid Planet Essence Ice with one drop of Volcano Menthol to make Menthol Cigarette.