Strength: 11 mg    Size: 10 ml

Price: $7.99   Quantity Discount: No

I have seen the RY4 electronic cigarette liquid many times while browsing the eLiquid Planet website. Available in five different strengths. This eliquid has a propylene glycol base. Customers who need vegetable glycerin based eliquids can find them here: VG E liquidThe product description calls RY4 a “legend,” and the customer reviews are quite positive — but none of the descriptions actually specify what this electronic cigarette liquid is supposed to taste like. What is RY4, anyway? To save you time and money, I have tried RY4 for you.


eLiquid Planet RY4 e-liquid does not have any tobacco flavor notes at all, that I can detect. The flavor is warm and quite sweet, with flavor notes such as nutmeg and maple. I also detect the flavors of caramel, honey and vanilla.


Overall, I think that eLiquid Planet RY4 tastes a little like a baked good. The flavor is a little too complex for me to be able to pick out any of the individual notes. While I find the taste nice overall, I do not expect to buy it again.

If you are sensitive to PG-based electronic cigarette liquids, eLiquid Planet also sells a VG-based RY4 electronic cigarette liquid. This 15 ml bottle costs $10.99.

For anyone who may be curious about RY4, eLiquid Planet sells a five-bottle assortment for $19.95 that includes 5 ml bottles of RY4, Ginger, Clove, Vanilla, and Chocolate. This sample pack can enable you to try RY4 for yourself without paying the price of a full bottle.