Cloud Alchemist LLC is a Washington e-liquid company that offers vapers premium e-liquid, premium service, and premium care. They make each and every bottle of their Premium E-Liquid right on-site, no outsourcing of any kind. With Cloud Alchemist there are no mysteries as to what’s in the juice.  The vision of Cloud Alchemist is to provide the highest quality e-liquid available, plain and simple.


As the company that introduced the world to Super Premium e-liquids, Cloud Alchemist understands what it takes to make wonderful e-liquid. In addition to obtaining the finest ingredients from around the globe, they use only the most accurate, state-of-the-art equipment. They adhere to the strictest quality controls enabling them to ensure your Cloud Alchemist experience is everything you expect, wherever you are in the world.

Although superior flavor and texture are paramount to Cloud Alchemist, their definition of quality extends much further. From the ingredients Cloud Alchemist chooses, to the recipes they develop, right down to the packaging materials, Cloud Alchemist excels. They provide their e-liquids to shops around the globe. From the ambiance of each Cloud Alchemist vape store, and the attention they give you when you arrive, it is clearly evident they are committed to perfection.

Uncompromising Quality

Cloud Alchemist is to e-liquid as 24-carat is to gold, as extra virgin is to olive oil, and as truffles are to the mundane mushroom. In short, Cloud Alchemist’s flavored e-liquid is one of the best and finest in the world.

More than four years ago, Cloud Alchemist introduced the world to Super Premium e-liquid. At first, it was a well-kept secret. Vapers told vapers who told vapers about this amazing e-liquid they had discovered. Superlatives were used, the passionate attachment was evoked, and curiosity began to grow.

This intriguing new idea was actually based upon an old one which is … keep it real. Cloud Alchemist’s e-liquid is real e-liquid, made from real ingredients.


Cloud Alchemists products are always a remarkably comfortable vape. Whether you are vaping by yourself, enjoying an intimate dinner for two, or the host a gathering, there is a Cloud Alchemist e-liquid perfect for the season or moment.
Cloud Alchemist has developed recipes for their e-liquids that eliminate harshness and bitterness from the equation. Each flavor is full yet smooth, and robust without being rough. Here of their best e-juice ideas.

Product Line

Cloud Alchemist’s Juice

Displaying the all popular juices out of 9 sold by Cloud Alchemist.
 Flavor Profile Juice Name


The sweet, intense strawberry is nicely complimented by a vanilla-almond note that brings along that subtle, almost whipped cream like tone.




A straightforward tart and wild,  bold blueberry flavor reminiscent of the genuine article. The finish is downright creamy and leaves behind the taste of clover honey.



Glacialis Menta

Refreshing peppermint, frosty spearmint, velvety vanilla, and delicious cream blended for smooth clouds.




Italian Tobacco with cardamom and clove. A slightly sweet rich flavor and the little spicy cardamom scratch (that I love) in the throat. Arrakis reminds me of the great aspects of tobacco in an alternative way.



Macer Menta

The top of the inhale brings a general sweetness, the peppermint enters the profile the moment before you begin to exhale, and the finish is crisp and clean with a very light, lingering, cookie tone.


Acer Dulcia
Crisp, sweet, and mildly acidic, possessing an intriguing vinous quality reminiscent of apple with a bold front note of maple and walnut.

Promised Land
It is a blend of two relatively straightforward flavors, honey, and delicious cinnamon.  That may not sound particularly appealing but, with a light apple aftertaste the juice simply works, and it works well.


The strawberry, while a bit on the lighter side, is sweet and natural with a dark fruity flavor and mild acidity that helps to cut through the more delicious, more dominant creamy banana flavor that sits squarely between natural and candy-like.


This e-juice has hints of sweetness from the refreshing and lovely watermelon flavor with notes of strawberry, apricot, and coconut.