With the final slash of your blade, the last of your enemies falls, and you are left alone on the battlefield, legions of samurai soldiers lay defeated at your feet. Out of the mist, the Met4 Vapors appears, just as you knew he would, to reward you with the mythical Golden Ticket of the emperors. He presents to you the chocolate milk, and the sweet, tangy aroma of Met4 Vapors engulfs you, smoothed out by a creamy, velvety finish. This is the reward, Golden Ticket, and with it, you begin a new reign.


Brand   Met4 Vapors

Flavor Note  Golden Ticket is the ultimate chocolate milk flavor, ideal for an all day vape.

The 60ml format in Gorilla bottle.

Click here for Golden Ticket in the 30ml glass bottle.

 Met4 Vapors Golden Ticket is the ultimate delectable, smooth, and utterly delicious e-juice. It’s perfectly balanced with incredibly fresh, creamy milk and a well-tempered chocolate. This Milk Chocolate is the mother of all milk chocolate out there. A vape that you couldn’t put down to save your life, makes Golden Ticket true to its name. A sweet and refreshing blend of cool milk paired with your favorite candy makes a bottle of juice that you’ll finish as fast as a speeding bullet.

This has been my go-to vape for quite some time now. I almost feel like it’s a little secret that I know about and no one else does. The flavor is very Chocolate. Although the vapor is lacking a bit, it is not enough to off put the juice. It’s actually a good thing and if you are a fan of having an aftertaste from your e liquid’s than it maybe a new deal for you.

Met4 Vapors puts out a quality line of chocolate milk juices. I was initially hesitant to try this flavor as there were not many reviews for it on the 180 smoke vape shop website. After vaping it for several days, I can best describe the flavor as an original flavored chocolate tootsie roll pop.

Up to this point, I haven’t had a whole lot of chocolate based e-juice that I can say I truly loved. They tend to be too sweet, tasting more of chocolate flavored hard candy than the rich, creamy smoothness of real chocolate. The Golden Ticket e-liquid is loaded with milk chocolate, but not cloying sweet and completely devoid of the boozy flavor that often accompanies chocolate e-liquid.

It’s infused with the perfect balance of rich natural coconut and a very realistic almond flavor. The proportion of characters almost perfectly replicates the candy bar, and the accompanying throat hit and vapor production make this one delicious and a genuinely satisfying vape.

The throat hit is superb. The vapor production is possibly the only thing lacking in this flavor. For some odd reason, it produces just a bit less smoke than the rest of the Met4 Vapors e-juices. I guess it just goes to say that nothing is perfect.

I can quickly go through 30mL of this in 6 days, and for me, that’s a lot of vaping.  The vapor production is also superb with this flavor just like the rest of Met4 Vapor juices. All in all a good vape if you’re a chocolate fan. As with the entire Met4 Vapor E-liquid line, the price per ml. is a bit on the low end. All in all, one of my favorite vapes that I find myself picking out of the bunch time and time again.