Halo Belgian Cocoa E-Liquid Review
Tastes like real chocolate you'd want to eat
Powerful taste and sweetness may be too much for some
8.1Overall Score
Throat Hit8.4
Personal Slant7.2
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Strength: 18 mg

Size: 30 ml

Dessert e-liquids have never been my favorites. Although several of the e-liquid reviews that I have written since launching eliquidflavorsproject.com have featured products with chocolate flavors, none of them have actually tasted like chocolate you would eat — they just tasted like artificial chocolate flavoring. I was a little surprised to find out that Halo was coming out with a chocolate e-liquid, since the company focuses almost exclusively on tobacco and menthol flavors. They have defied my expectations in the past, though, so I requested a Halo Belgian Cocoa review sample as soon as I found out about it. As it turns out, Halo Belgian Cocoa isn’t just one of Halo’s best e-liquids — it’s the first chocolate e-liquid I’ve ever had that actually tastes like chocolate.

If you’ve ever tried a chocolate e-liquid before, chances are that you know the kind of products I’m talking about above. It’s like the companies that make these e-liquids know their artificial chocolate flavors taste nothing like actual chocolate, so they doctor them up with sweetness or up the throat hit as much as possible to disguise the mediocre flavor. Halo Belgian Cocoa smells quite powerful in the bottle. In fact, when I was filling my Boge cartomizer, my wife could smell the e-liquid from across the room. I was afraid that this would be just another mediocre chocolate e-liquid and that my Halo Belgian Cocoa review would be a negative one.

In fact, that wasn’t the case. Not only does Halo Belgian Cocoa actually taste like chocolate, but it tastes like chocolate you’d want to eat. The primary flavor note is cocoa, like the Dutch process cocoa you’d use to make brownies or hot cocoa. Under that flavor is a secondary chocolate note that tastes a bit sweeter, almost like a chocolate chip. Combined, these flavor notes make Halo Belgian Cocoa taste like a wonderful chocolate treat such as a brownie or double chocolate cookie.

What’s remarkable about Halo Belgian Cocoa is the fact that the flavor is so strong, you actually taste it both on the inhale and the exhale. With some milder e-liquids, you only detect the full range of flavors after exhaling the vapor. That isn’t the case here; with Halo Belgian Cocoa, you taste the sweet cocoa immediately when you begin to take a puff. The flavor is sustained until after you exhale.

Halo Belgian Cocoa is a very sweet e-liquid, and that isn’t what some e-cigarette users look for. For all-day e-smoking, I tend to prefer e-liquids that are a little more savory or neutral. After dinner, though, I sometimes like to switch to something a little stronger to curb post-dinner drowsiness or reduce my desire for sweet desserts. Halo Belgian Cocoa does both jobs admirably. If you love sweet e-liquids and have been unhappy with other companies’ chocolate flavors — or even if you typically don’t like sweet e-liquids at all — you should give Halo Belgian Cocoa a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Belgian Cocoa is a great addition to Halo’s already remarkable lineup of e-liquids.