Halo Freedom Juice
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Throat Hit8.8
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Strength: 18 mg

Size: 30 ml

PG: 70%

VG: 30%

Price: $19.99 (5 ml also available for $4.99)

This is one that really surprised me. While I certainly haven’t tried every tobacco e-liquid on the market, I have tried enough that I had pretty much formed the opinion that it isn’t possible to create an e-liquid that tastes like a real cigarette. Even Volcano Tobacco Pure, which uses real tobacco as a flavoring agent, came up short. Every tobacco e-liquid that I tried was similarly disappointing, tasting of the same caramel-flavored RY4 blend that I don’t like and, to me, tastes nothing like tobacco.

And then there was Halo Smooth 8. which was the first e-liquid I’ve ever tried that actually resembled the real thing. It tasted like a flavored cigarette, though, which most people probably wouldn’t want to vape with every day. Well, for anyone looking for the best tobacco e-liquid on the market, I believe that I have found the answer. Halo Freedom Juice is the most convincing tobacco e-liquid that I have yet tried.

The flavor profile here consists of tobacco and spice, with notes of pepper, and perhaps ginger. Maybe it’s just that it’s been a long time since I’ve had a real cigarette, but Freedom Juice really does remind me of something like a Camel Light or some form of Marlboro. The taste has just a slight hint of sweetness, but only a little. Some people like a sweet liquid for an all-day vape, but not me. I like something a little more spicy or savory — after all, real cigarettes aren’t sweet, and that’s the experience that I’m trying to replace when I vape. Freedom Juice is just perfect as an all-day vape, and that’s coming from someone who normally prefers menthol e-liquids. I suspect that many people who try this e-liquid are going to end up making it their go-to electronic cigarette liquid.

Like most of Halo’s liquids, Freedom Juice produces a ton of vapor. Another major strength of this e-liquid is that it has quite a strong throat hit — not strong enough to be overly harsh, but just enough to make the “real cigarette” flavor all the more convincing.

I recommend Freedom Juice wholeheartedly to anyone who wants a pure tobacco flavor without a lot of sweetness or extra flavorings. I have read that it is one of Halo’s most popular e-liquids, and I can clearly see why. It is without a doubt the best tobacco e-liquid that I have tried to date.

Freedom Juice E-Liquid Specifications:
Available Nicotine Strengths: 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg

Available Sizes: 10ml, 30ml

Primary Flavors: Fresh Virginia Tobacco

Steep Time: Pre-Steeped

Manufactured In: USA

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Price : $8.49