Halo Midnight Apple Review
8.2Overall Score
Throat Hit8.6
Personal Slant8.7
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Strength: 18 mg

Size: 30 ml

Price: $19.99 (7 ml also available for $5.99)

I had a great deal of fun when I initially tasted my way through Halo’s e-liquid selection earlier this year, trying everything except the flavorless base liquid, Halo Fusion. When I discovered that Halo had released a new flavor — a tobacco/apple blend called Midnight Apple — I was pretty excited. Even in the rare instances when I don’t care for a flavor, Halo’s e-liquids are extremely high-quality, affordable and a pleasure to try. As far as the new Midnight Apple flavor is concerned, I am not disappointed.

Apple is a common note found in flavored tobacco products such as pipe tobacco and snuff, and Halo has attempted to duplicate that experience by using a base flavor of tobacco with a top note of green apple. The liquid has a scent that reminds me of Torque 56, while the apple flavor becomes more evident when I taste the e-liquid.

The apple flavor in Midnight Apple reminds me a bit of a green Jolly Rancher candy, although it doesn’t produce the same tingling sensation on the tongue. Although I believe that the tobacco base is essentially Torque 56, the apple note completely changes the character of the e-liquid, making it slightly sweet while remaining savory enough to be an excellent all-day vape. That’s the thing I like most about this e-liquid — fruit-flavored e-liquids tend to be so sweet that the sugary taste begins to build on the tongue and obscure the taste of the vapor — not to mention anything else you might care to eat or drink. Midnight Apple doesn’t do that at all. Although I tend to prefer menthol e-liquids, I have been using Midnight Apple pretty regularly since I received it.

Having smoked apple pipe tobacco before, I can tell you that isn’t the experience you should expect with Midnight Apple. The best apple pipe tobacco uses natural apple flavoring, while the taste that I get here is more like that of an apple candy — minus much of the sweetness, and plus an interesting floral taste that reminds be a bit of perfume. The scent of the vapor, however, does strongly resemble a real apple tobacco blend. Overall, it’s really nice, and I highly recommend adding a bottle of Midnight Apple to your e-liquid collection.