If you know anything about Malaysia’s NNMN, then you know that this company makes some premium e-juice blends with unrivaled quality. HaNuman is unlike any other e-liquid on the market with banana flavor. It has to be among the best e-juice blends with banana flavor. If banana flavor is what you are searching for, then look no further. HaNuman has genuine banana flavor. It also has hints of coconut and baked pastry. This is one of those e-liquids with a flavor that is in-your-face. You will not want to switch flavors quickly once you start vaping this NNMN e-liquid.

NNMN is one of the most popular e-liquid makers from Malaysia. The company’s line is filled with e-juice blends with fruity flavor and some with spicy herbs. All NNMN e-juice blends are made from high-quality ingredients. You can get a 25ml bottle of HaNuman on VapeClubMY for only $11.99

The first thing you will notice when you are set to vape a bottle of HaNuman by NNMN is its aroma. This e-liquid has a strong banana aroma. It doesn’t smell chemical or artificial. Instead, it smells just like freshly peeled bananas. This delicious aroma will get your taste buds salivating before you even taste the blend. The combination of coconut and banana flavor in HaNuman is simply perfect. The e-liquid is a little sweet, but it is not as sweet as many other e-liquids that you will find on the market with banana flavor. There is a certain creaminess in the taste of this e-liquid. The coconut and the pastry flavor are really mellow and are more in the background. Vaping this NNMN blend will remind you of eating a creamy banana cake with coconut flakes.

HaNuman by NNMN comes with a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 55/45. The e-juice comes with a golden color. It doesn’t always come pre-steeped. When it is properly steeped, the golden liquid will not look clouded. You can choose to vape this e-juice from a sub ohm tank or an RDA. If you want to relish the flavor, you are better off vaping it from an RDA. The flavor seems to come to life when you are using cotton or silica wicking material. Be warned that HaNuman tends to darken coils and wicks very fast. If you choose to vape this NNMN e-liquid from a tank, do not use a plastic tank as it could potentially crack the tank.

The vapor production of HaNuman is not bad. You will be surrounded by clouds of flavorful vaping after a few hits of this NNMN blend. The kind of vapor that you get from HaNuman is impressive for a 55vg mix.

HaNuman is only available with 6mg of nicotine. You can tell that it contains high-quality nicotine because it does not taste harsh like some 6mg blends. The throat hit of this e-juice packs a punch, but it does not irritate the throat. This is another reason why HaNuman qualifies to be an all day vape.

HaNuman by NNMN comes in a clear bottle with a stainless steel cap. When you open the lid, you will find a plastic stopper with a hole in the middle. You will not be able to fill your tank or drip on your coils directly from this bottle without spilling e-juice everywhere. You need to use a syringe or fix a dropper top to the bottle to fill your tank or drip on your coils.

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