Intellicig ECOpure Rich
Incredibly pure taste remains pleasurable through all-day vaping
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Digicg has introduced our own range of 100% VG liquids which mirror ECOpure Regular and Rich. In 30ml size, and 4 strengths, they are made to GMP standards using pharma grade ingredients.

Intellicig, based in the United Kingdom, is an electronic cigarette company that has been a fixture in the industry since 2008 — an eternity in this industry. The company’s core e-liquid product is ECOpure, a line of e-liquids manufactured with as few ingredients and chemicals as possible and containing a nicotine extract that is 99.82% pure according to lab analysis. The company’s United States branch was kind enough to send a few review samples, and I found the ECOpure Menthol e-liquid to be extremely nice indeed. It had a squeaky clean, neutral taste that I found extremely pleasurable. I was left wishing that it had a bit more menthol, though.

ECOpure Rich has gotten even more attention from the electronic cigarette community. I’ve seen reviews that practically call this the nirvana of tobacco e-liquids, so I approached it with some pretty high expectations. Surprisingly, I was not disappointed in the slightest. In fact, I found myself trying to draw out the review process a bit just so I could continue vaping ECOpure Rich for as long as possible before trying something else.

If I could describe this e-liquid in a single word, it would be “clean.” ECOpure Rich has such a neutral taste that it’s hard to pin down any flavor notes. My understanding is that the e-liquid has only four ingredients. In spite of the simplicity, it has a subtle depth that becomes more evident as you continue to use it.


ECOpure Rich is the first 100-percent vegetable glycerin e-liquid that I’ve ever loved enough to put in the “everyday vape” category. Vegetable glycerin has more flavor than propylene glycol, so it brings a bit of sweetness to the party that can sometimes obscure other flavor details. However, because this is such a mild tasting e-liquid to begin with, I find that the VG actually contributes to the flavor more than it covers it. The overall flavor profile has a bit of sweetness, a bit of nuttiness and some tobacco notes without tasting like any real tobacco I’ve ever had.


On the inhale, ECOpure Rich hits the tongue in a way that I haven’t felt with any other e-liquid except ECOpure Menthol. It’s a sort of tingle that feels quite nice and reminds me of a real cigarette in a way I can’t quite describe. On the exhale, you can taste a bit of the sweetness of the vegetable glycerin along with the sort of dry, smoky feeling that you would expect when smoking a real cigarette.

Final Thoughts

If my description of ECOpure Rich makes it sound like this e-liquid is more similar to a real cigarette in feel than in taste, that’s because it is. In fact, the taste resembles real tobacco less than many of the other tobacco e-liquids I’ve tried. Yet, I just can’t seem to put it down because I find the clean taste and tingly character of the ECOpure nicotine extract so pleasurable. Although I’ve tried tobacco e-liquids that tasted more like tobacco, I wouldn’t change a thing about ECOpure Rich because it provides such a unique experience. This is an e-liquid that just about everyone ought to try.