A lot of people have a sweet tooth. They are the ones who prey on sweet sugary food. I just wonder if these same people will react the same way to vape e-liquids? Could there be such a thing as vapers who has a sweet tooth? I may not know this, but I do know Humble’s Jackpot flavor is sinfully sweet.


A tasty raspberry filled donut with icing. Our newest flavor to the Hustle collection


Natural & Art Flavoring, USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerine, and USP NicSelect Nicotine


80 VG/ 20 PG

Pre Steeped

Two weeks or longer


Jackpot is the most recent addition to the Hustle collection of Humble Juice. Humble Juice Co is the company behind the popular e-juices such as Pee Wee Kiwi, Ambition, and many more. They are an American company with head office located in California. Currently, they have three major collections; Humble, Hustle, and Havoc. This company is known for their premium product offerings at very low price compared to its competitors. Humble Juice also manages their website and caters to both bulk and single orders. Their website, humblejuiceco.com has a clean and neat layout. It has an easy user interface and loads fast. I had no issues using the site in the past months. Another important thing to consider is their free shipping. It is one of the primary reasons why I stick with this company. They don’t sacrifice the quality of their products even if they offer practical prices.


Jackpot’s price is $15.99 per bottle. I got mine directly from Humble Juice’s website.  The price is not that bad if you considering its flavor’s palatability and vapor production potential.  I say, it has a good value for the money.

Packaging and Design

This vape juice comes in 60 ml sizes. It is available in one size only. I wish there were a bigger size available though since I find this size not enough especially for my ADV flavors like Jackpot. Nevertheless, this is a clean looking e-liquid. It has a transparent bottle with transparent sticker label as well. The cap is white and has a glue tip type cover. So far, I have no issues when refilling. I did not experience any leaks. The Hustle logo is printed on the label and below it is the flavor name. At the back, you can see the fine print about the cautionary measures when vaping and using vape juices.

Flavor and Taste

Jackpot is the bomb! It’s a fusion between dessert and pastry type of e-juice.  Based on its description, it may sound wickedly sweet, but the sweetness is enough for me to take. The flavors are very present. Undeniably, you can pick out the donut hits on the inhale. Then some creamy blend topped with raspberry candy-like taste. It is very delightful. I really enjoy the taste of this e-juice.The flavors are so robust that it makes me want to sip on the liquid directly. It is like vaping real donuts with toppings! I would have to give it to Humble Juice for being able to mimic the traditional dessert/pastry flavor of donuts.

Throat Hit

The nicotine strength level of this variant is available in three. It has 3 mg, 6 mg, and the 0 mg with no nic content. As usual, I got the 3 mg. As expected, the throat hit was mild. Since the flavor is a bit on the intense side, I suggest keeping power wattage low to avoid burnt hits.

Vapor Production

The scent of this flavor is notat all overpowering. I can identify the scent of a fresh pastry out from the oven. It has a light sweetness and buttery crisp to it. I’m incorporating this in a sub ohm tank, and the cloud production is powerful. It produces big, thick, and dense clouds. It is so hardcore. Most likely, this is due to the high vegetable glycerin percentage in the mix. Even so, this e-juice does not gunk up my coils quickly. That’s an added point for me. It saves me time, money, and effort in the long run.