Kilo E-Liquid is a premium vape juice brand that was launched in 2014. That same year, the company made its debut with a delectable collection of e-liquids called the Black Series. The line is made of scrumptious, decadent e-liquids that will please both flavor and cloud chasers.

Today, we are going to review the four e-liquids in this collection. They are Milk and Cookies, Honey Crème, Birthday Cake, and Apple Pie. From the flavor names alone, you can tell that these are interesting blends.

Milk and Cookies

“Milk and Cookies is truly a vape reminiscent of your childhood. A tall glass of cool and refreshing milk is combined ever so perfectly with a warm and chewy chocolate chip cookie.”

Ditch your Oreo and Milk because this vape juice contains the flavor of chocolate chip cookie. Vaping Milk and Cookies feels like enjoying a chocolate chip cookie and glass of milk blend. The flavor is very accurate and satisfying. It is not overly sweet or chocolatey.

Milk and Cookies e-juice produces a ton of vapor. It is best to vape with a low resistance device and a high wattage for full flavor.

Honey Crème

“Honey Crème is a nice and rich vanilla ice cream with a dash of honey and roasted nuts. Absolutely a premium dessert vape that will keep you coming back.”

I have to admit but I was a bit excited to give this one a try. There are not a lot of honey-based e-juices on the market today since honey is difficult to capture in vape form. But of all the honey-based e-juices I have tried, this is by far the most outstanding.

Honey Crème e-liquid has a nice and delicious blend of vanilla ice cream and sweet honey. Each puff is filled with this satisfying taste. Both flavors are perfectly blended, so you taste everything at the same time.

This vape juice delivers a rich, creamy flavor.

Birthday Cake

“Birthday Cake is a premium dessert vape that will be sure to delight the senses. Delicious vanilla cake with smooth and creamy icing topped with rainbow sprinkles.”

This e-juice has the same flavor that you get from a yellow cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. However, this has got to be one of the lightest dessert flavors in the market. It is not too intense, but the flavor is rich. After vaping it for a while, I tasted some sort of fruit flavors, which all came as a surprise. It is not disappointing, although I honestly expected more punch from this e-juice.

Birthday Cake e-juice might not be everybody’s cup of tea. While it works as an all-day vape for me, some reviewers complained that it could cause flavor fatigue. As its name implies, this may be an occasional vape. But I welcomed Birthday Cake as a new addition to my rotation.

It has a subtle and nice throat hit. You can expect immense clouds of vapor from every puff.

Apple Pie

“Apple Pie is their take on the good old-fashioned grandma’s apple pie. Deliciously sweet caramelized apples are backed inside a crispy pie crust and topped with a dash of cinnamon sugar.”

My mom loves to bake apple pies, so my expectations are quite high for this one. On the inhale, there is a strong apple flavor. Notes of cinnamon and spices also appear. They only make this e-juice closer to an actual apple pie. The pie component is really good, but it was the pie crust flavor that made my knees weak. I can vape this e-juice all day or even all week long.

This warm and delicious apple pie e-juice has been added to my weekly rotation. The clouds are nice and huge too. And the throat hit is just as amazing as its flavor.

Where to Buy Kilo E-liquid Black Series

All Kilo E-liquid Black Series e-liquids are up for grabs at Smoking Things for as low as $19.99. They all come in 60-mL bottles. The nicotine strength levels available for this e-liquid are 0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg. The vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of these e-liquids is 70/30.