Ice Cream Sandwich is a premium e-liquid that features the taste of a delicate blend of chocolate cookies and vanilla ice cream flavors. The chocolate cookie sandwich is expertly stuffed with a creamy vanilla ice cream flavor. Ice Cream Sandwich e-liquid is manufactured in the US by Kilo E-Liquids. The California based e-juice manufacturer which was founded in 2014 is renowned in the vaping industry for their delicious milk based e-liquid lines. Kilo E-Liquid is famous among vapers for their Black Series line of e-liquids. Kilo E-Liquid really hit the nail on the head with the White Series. If you tried the Black Series line and were impressed, then the White Series should live up to your expectations. Ice Cream Sandwich is part of the company’s new Kilo White Series. In this line of e-liquids, Kilo E-Liquids stayed true to their brand by introducing four smooth and tasty e-liquid blends. Besides the Ice Cream Sandwich flavor, other flavors in the Kilo White Series e-liquid line includes Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Strawberry, and Marshmallow Crisp.

Kilo E-Liquids were expertly able to capture the unique taste and flavor of the classic vanilla ice cream sandwich with Ice Cream Sandwich. This captivating e-liquid blend has a nostalgic feel to it. You can’t help but think back on those times when you enjoyed the taste of ice cream sandwiches as a kid. When you take a hit of Ice Cream Sandwich, it is the taste of the chocolate cookie flavor that fills the tongue. While on the exhale, this premium e-liquid is as smooth as it is creamy. The taste of creamy vanilla ice cream flavor is what dominates the taste buds when you exhale Ice Cream Sandwich. The after taste of this e-liquid is both sweet and creamy.

Ice Cream Sandwich is an elegant display of e-liquid artistry. It’s amazing how all the flavors contained in a real ice cream sandwich can be tasted in this Kilos E-Liquid. Ice Cream Sandwich contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 70/30 percent. Ice Cream Sandwich like the other flavors in the White Series line is thick. It also has a nice aroma. Ice Cream Sandwich is also ideal for vaping on sub ohm tank. You can also get deep, and direct lung pulls of this e-liquid using a rebuild able atomizer (RDA).

Ice Cream Sandwich produces very thick and rich tasting vapors. The vapors this premium e-juice produces should please the average vaper who enjoys blowing large clouds. The taste of the chocolate cookie and the creamy vanilla flavor makes for a pleasing throat hit. Ice Cream Sandwich like the other flavors in the Kilo White Series line has a very mellow and smooth throat hit with no chance of irritations. Ice Cream Sandwich comes in three nicotine strength levels; 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Ice Cream Sandwich comes in exquisite packaging which has come to be associated with Kilo E-Liquids. Ice Cream Sandwich like the other Kilo White Series e-liquid flavors comes in a white box designed with gold accents. The name of the brand and flavor is written in gold in the front of the box. Ice Cream Sandwich comes in a white bottle with color themed designs that match the box. Ice Cream Sandwich by Kilo E-Liquid comes in 60 ml glass bottles.

Ice Cream Sandwich e-liquid by Kilo E-Liquids can be bought at for $24.97. If you like dessert flavors, then you should give Ice Cream Sandwich a try. It is definitely an all day vaping material.