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Flavorings of e-Liquids are mostly based on certain brands of food extracts. They can be purchased online or from confectionery stores. Banana Cream E Liquid Flavour, is a flavoring for e-liquids. It is a quality food grade flavor, made to the highest standards in the USA. This e-liquid flavor is of high-quality, and FDA approved. It contains only pure flavorings and propylene glycol. It is water soluble, so it should not clog up the atomizer on your e-cigarette.

This product is purely flavoring, to be added to other ingredients when making your DIY e-liquid. If you wish to buy ready-made banana e-liquid (E-Juice), you can find it here at Wonder Flavours.

This flavor is a smooth, creamy, banana flavor, that is very satisfying as a homemade dessert. When making DIY e-liquid for an e-cigarette, you usually need to add between 5-10% flavoring. That is for every 10ml of e-liquid, you would add between 0.5-1ml e-liquid flavor. This flavor very much depends on the taste and so it is best to experiment with it for yourself.  Start off by adding a little and then adding more until you achieve the strength of flavor that you prefer.

The potency of the E-Liquid Cafes flavoring recipe for e-cigarettes is quite high, so you may find that you do not need to use very much. You might find that even less than 5% is adequate. We include the figures for example only. The amount of Flavor Concentrate you use is up to you. Experiment and find what suits your taste best. Whatever quantity of e-liquid you are making, you can quickly calculate the amount of flavor you need to add using the e-liquid mixing calculator here.

Traditional Flavor Brands are:

Liquid Banana Extract Ingredients

The liquid banana extract is made from flavor components from the banana itself. A moist banana mix of flavors from natural bananas with ethyl alcohol and water to make the liquid extract. PG or Propylene glycol is then added to it to stabilize the mix. Most of the brands in the market are doing this with the same ingredients.

DIY Recipe  for 10ml E-Liquid  – 70PG/30VG and 18mg

Banana flavor concentrate: 0.35ml

Fresh Cream flavor concentrate  by Flavourart: 0.1ml

Caramel flavor concentrate  by Flavourart: 0.1ml

Vanilla Classic flavor concentrate  by Flavourart: 0.1ml

Vape Wizard flavor concentrate  by Flavourart: 0.05ml

Nicotine concentrate for 72mg in VG: 2.5ml

PG: 6.3ml

VG: 0.5ml

DIY  Recipe  for 10ml E-Liquid 50VG/50PG and 12mg

Banana flavor concentrate by Flavourart: 0.35ml

Fresh Cream flavor concentrate by Flavourart: 0.1ml

Caramel flavor concentrate by Flavourart: 0.1ml

Vanilla Classic flavor concentrate by Flavourart: 0.1ml

Vape Wizard flavor concentrate by Flavourart: 0.05ml

Nicotine concentrate for 72mg in VG: 1.7ml

PG: 4.3ml

VG: 3.3ml

Creamy Banana & Banana Smoothie Recipe

Banana Butternut Smoothie Recipe

Flavour Concentrate

  • 2.25% Banana Purée (WF)
  • 2.40% Caramel Butter (WF)
  • 1.50% Caramel Rice Crispy Treats (WF)
  • 2.00% Hazelnuts & Cream (WF)

Recommended Steeping instructions (how-to)
Time:10 days

Optional: This mix is the bitter side of sweet. If you would rather have more delicious mixes than you can sweeten it to your particular preference with a sweetener of your selection.

Bananut Creamel


I go crazy over bananas, but I’m always very hesitant to try or even buy the ejuice or flavoring because the experience is covered with soapy unnatural tasting bananas. But since I had some banana cream ejuice around for a while I decided to just go for it, and I’m happy.

Bananut Creamel is a very creamy banana caramel with a nutty aftertaste. Think of a Banana Caramelada even though that isn’t the intended flavor.

As always, different stroke for different folks, adjust the quantities and flavors as you see fit.


  • Banana Cream 10%
  • Caramel (Original) 7%
  • French Vanilla 5%
  • Toasted Almond 3%

Quick notes


Step 1

All flavorings used were TPA flavors, for no other reason aside from personal preference.Quantities here are as a percentage per volume.

Step 2

The recipe is mixed at 25% per volume if its too loud you can tune it down a bit. Be careful of custard ingredients when using Vanilla Flavoring. TPA states on their site that the French Vanilla does not contain any Acetoin or Acetyl Propionyl.

Step 3

I used Banana Cream because it’s the only one I had in my little day bag. Ideally, I would have tried a 5% banana cream and 5% ripe banana in the mix instead

This recipe is a good base to work with, but you can replace the vanilla with bavarian cream, and add some mint to the mix. I suspect this will taste very sweet with Rum and Raisins too.

Important note about flavorings:

Some flavors contain oils which will make vaporization less active, like those flagged on Totally Wicked’s official website. It is better if those are avoided, or if you want to use them, use a low quantity in your mixes. Those flavors are incredibly robust and vigorous anyways, so in any case, a minimal volume is needed.

Recipe Type: Fruits, Sweets    Ingredients: almond, banana, caramel, French Vanilla