Mochaccino - Gourmet E-Liquid Review
8.2Overall Score
Throat Hit7.7
Personal Slant8.8
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Strength: 24 mg

Size: 10 ml

Price: $6.90 (30 ml available for $16.90, or 50 ml for $24.90)

A delicious blend of espresso coffee with rich dark chocolate, Mochaccino makes a great addition to any morning. Robust and flavorful, it has an excellent balance and won’t disappoint whenever you decide to enjoy it.

Revolution Vapor’s original Gourmet E-Liquid is handcrafted in the USA – since 2011! Pick from dozens of delicious tobacco flavors, fruit flavors, sweet flavors, and more! Find your favorite and enjoy in a tank, cartomizer, or clearomizer.Gourmet E-Liquide is the last of my initial batch of e-liquids from Smoke Revolution USA, and I must say that the company has given me a very positive impression so far. The company’s prices are quite low — especially when you purchase in bulk — and the quality seems to be above average. I particularly enjoyed the Classic Tobacco flavor. I hope that it won’t be long before I try some of Smoke Revolution’s other e-liquids.

My first reaction upon trying Gourmet E-Liquid e-liquid was that it had a certain flavor note tasting exactly like real coffee. It was odd, though, because with continued tastings I couldn’t taste that note anymore. My second reaction was that this e-liquid has the most throat hit of any I have ever tried. While some of that is certainly the fact that it is a 24 mg nicotine e-liquid, it’s the sixth e-liquid I have tried at this strength, and nothing else has had the same level of TH. Definitely keep that in mind if throat hit is a major factor for you in keeping your nicotine cravings satisfied.

As for the flavor of Gourmet E-Liquid, once I couldn’t taste the real coffee flavor that I detected in the first puff anymore, the flavor that I began to detect was more like that of a lightly sweetened instant coffee drink. The sweetness is very light, though, and I think that this liquid is definitely “daily vape” material for people who prefer more savory flavor notes. Between the throat hit and nicotine level, this e-liquid creates quite an intense experience — particularly if you exhale partially through the nose to get the full range of flavors and scents.

Price = $4.99