Nana's Nut Bread Review
85%Nana's Nut Bread
Throat Hit86%
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Flavor Note

A smooth cinnamon custard topped with caramelized banana and walnuts


85% VG

Strength: 0 mg, 1.5 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg

No Artificial Sweeteners and Diketone Free


There are some flavors of e-liquid that are spectacular reproductions of the original product due to the fact that the flavor concentrates available today to juice makers are so true to life. One wonders just how the flavor manufacturers manage to recreate the experience so perfectly.This doesn’t mean that the juice mixer deserves any less credit for the juice. The additional components that are added and the differing ratios that are used will, in the end, produce a unique vape.

One such flavor that is so perfectly true to life in the recent slew of cheap e-juices is banana nut bread. They’re all variations on a theme, yet each one is a little different than the one before.

In the case of the Nana’s Nut Bread, the profile tends to lean a bit heavier towards the rich nutty flavors, thus producing a deep, earthy, savoriness that plays quite well with the sweeter baked banana flavor and rich, soft, buttery cake-like goodness of fresh baked bread.

The vape opens up with a fairly general, somewhat vague cooked banana flavor that skyrockets on the exhale up until the finish. The individual components come together to form a single, cohesive, tight-knit flavor that is incredibly close to the real thing. It’s thick with sweet cake-like yumminess that couldn’t possibly be mistaken for anything other than sweet ripe bananas and nuts that have been slow baked into a moist, fluffy buttered slice of banana bread.

The banana flavor is completely different than any I’ve had previously. It quite literally tastes like fresh-baked banana bread. The flavor is of caramelized bananas rather than the standard natural or candy/taffy banana flavors.

It blends perfectly with the flavor of roasted walnuts and a remarkable bready flavor that doesn’t come off overly sweet or even remotely artificial. There are both sweet and savory flavors that play off each other beautifully, helping to create a balanced, well-rounded flavor profile.

Unlike many other blended flavor juices on the market that can easily be broken down into their individual components, the ingredients in Apex E-Liquid’s Nana’s Nut Bread meld into a single distinct creation that perfectly mimics a freshly baked loaf of warm banana nut bread straight from the oven. To top off the incredible flavor on this juice, there is a good solid throat hit and big fluffy clouds of sweet banana nut vapor.
One of the flavors, although I can’t pick out which one, is susceptible to high heat and is easily burnt when this juice is heated beyond 8.75 watts. I found the best flavor was obtained at slightly cooler setting, just a touch under 8.5 watts or 4.6v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. This produced a spectacularly realistic likeness to the genuine article, a solid throat hit, and plumes of sweet, delicious vapor.

Nana’s Nut Bread – 30ml for $9.99 USD