Who has never heard of the famous line that goes like this? “There’s always room for dessert!” More importantly, who never agrees to it? And when one says dessert, ice cream is indeed a staple. Some of the basic popular flavors would have to be chocolate and vanilla while few of the premium ones include rocky road, cookies n cream, chocolate chip, taro, and mint. Picture this: you are enjoying a hot summer day on the beach, and you have an ice cream in your hand. Even better – with a chocolate mint chip ice cream on hand. Can you imagine that delicious taste now? How about incorporating that in a premium e-juice? Yes! That’s good news for vapers out there!

One of the best flavors I’ve ever tasted is the mint chip. It is the perfect balance between chocolate and mint. If you are looking for that crisp and sweet taste but with just the right kick of mint then this after-dinner flavor is undoubtedly suited for you. Not to mention, its aroma of rich chocolate and decadent cream is definitely the icing on top! For those with a sweet tooth out there, I’d recommend that you try this out.

Flavor Review:  Mint Chip (9/10)

Chocolate is a tricky flavor to simulate especially in vape liquids. Most would fail to truly capture the flavor hence; it would sometimes come out or taste like a cheap e-liquid. But with Northland’s take on this popular dessert, they have definitely hit the right spot of a creamy chocolate perfectly paired with a subtle hint of mint. I would say it is not too sugary and the menthol effect is not overpowering at all. It has an overall feel of an equally clean taste along with the other Northland Flight Experience flavors.

Aroma Review: Mint Chip (9/10)

Delicious, yummy, creamy, sinful, tasteful – these are just some of the words I can use to describe the aroma of this liquid. The minute I opened the bottle, the scent filled the room. I like the smell because it makes me want to eat (or drink) it and of course, use it right away. It is sweet enough to entice you for more but not too much for you to say no.

Vapor Review: Mint Chip (8/10)

If you are a fan of menthol, then this is right for you. Its cooling effect is just right. I would say, it totally surprised me that it delivered the throat hit I have been looking for considering this flavor is on the sweet side. It wasn’t a disappointment since there is a balance of the amazing coolness when you exhale while enjoying the chocolate side as you inhale. This flavor is very refreshing and satisfying all in one!

You can never go wrong with Northland’s Mint Chip e-liquid since you can enjoy it anytime of the day. I get to enjoy it most after a delectable meal and whenever I just spend my downtime in a quaint coffee shop. Surprisingly, I can pair it with good coffee. There are many out there who are trying to mix some sweet side and menthol kicks manually but end up disheartened. I, too, have tried mixing these two before but I can never get the right kind of mix. It would end up crazy sweet or too cool which is too strong for my liking. Luckily, I have bumped into this flavor from Northland as it is very convenient. I do not have to mix two liquids anymore and end up wasting half of the liquid just for experimenting. Now, I have found the perfect pair for this dessert-like flavor for me. Northland has been living up to its name by offering good quality products, taking into consideration that they are relatively new to the industry. You can go to their website right now and subscribe to their newsletter to get a 15% discount on your orders. It truly is a great deal! I subscribed and do not regret it. Their selections have full flavors giving value for our money. Not to mention as well, their visibility online with fast and efficient service. They are readily seen online as they are very active on social media and in the virtual world as a whole. With the pace things are going these days, I would say these are salient points to consider when purchasing your next e-liquid. What are you waiting for? Relax and vape on some mint chip chocolate e-liquid and for sure, you can’t get enough with it. One that would let you say, “There’s always room for (vape) dessert!” not just after-dinner but after every meal.