NOS G-Force is a fantastic eliquid for vapers who appreciate fruity vape juices. It combines two fruits; blackcurrant and grapes, to produce one of the best fruity eliquid flavors. NOS G-force is made using natural ingredients unlike many other fruit flavored eliquids found on the market. This is an e-liquid that you will appreciate vaping.

NOS G-Force is the product by NOS E-liquid, a Malaysian company that specializes in producing high-quality, premium ejuice. NOS E-liquid has a wide range of fruit-flavored ejuices of high-quality that are highly-favored among vapers. NOS G-Force is part of a trio that includes; NOS Blackforest, NOS Drag Race, and NOS G-Force. Besides these three that are proving to be a hit with vapers, NOS E-liquid also has other vape juices that are highly appreciated for their quality and taste.

Fantastic Flavor

NOS E-liquid uses both red and white grapes to mix with blackcurrant and obtain a mouthwatering blend that excites the taste buds. You feel all the freshness, sweetness and juiciness of grapes layered with the sweet and slightly acidic taste of blackcurrant invading your senses. As you exhale, your throat and mouth feel the hint of koolada. The flavor and coolness are not overpowering, but natural, mild and refreshing. There is a nice aroma of sweetness that you will appreciate.

VG/PG Level

NOS E-liquid provides G-Force in varying VG/PG proportions. You can get NOS G-Force with 50% vegetable glycerin and 50% propylene glycol or it’s available with  60% VG and 40% PG.

NOS E-liquid is among the best ejuice manufacturer in Malaysia and worldwide. They have experts who know the ideal proportion of VG/PG to provide a good vaping experience. Vapers also appreciate the abundant cloud production. If you like to blow clouds, NOS G-Force makes clouds that have a nice thickness and takes longer to dissipate into the air. The combination chosen are also perfect because they capture all the flavors of the fruits.

Nicotine Level

Novices not use to vaping can choose can a 50 ml bottle with 0 mg nicotine strength. You will also find 50 ml bottles with 3 mg nicotine strength. Vapers who wants to enjoy vaping and are not after any throat hit, appreciate the soft throat hit of NOS G-Force.

Bottle and Packaging

NOS E-liquid was the first company to make its bottles in the shape of the nitrous oxide system of cars. Many imitations have since been made. The packaging is simple, made of cardboard, and has the NOS G-Force abstract design on it. The bottle is plastic, silver in color and includes the green label chosen to represent G-Force. It also has other information on it such as VG/PG, nicotine level, etc.


A 50 ml bottle sells for $ 11.99 USD, which is  fantastic chance to obtain great value for money. You will be making some tremendous savings because often 50 ml bottles are more expensive than this. This is high-quality premium vape juice.

When you become a loyal customer of Vape Club, you will obtain points for each purchase. If you gather enough points, you can redeem them for a reduction during your next purchase.


G-Force is for vapers that appreciate fruity ejuice. You will experience the fantastic flavor of two fruits combined, and a nice koolada that lingers in the mouth for a while after you’ve finished vaping. NOS G-Force has proven to be very popular with vapers since its release. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced vaper, NOS G- Force is a fantastic ejuice that you should try. You will appreciate the sweetness of the fruits tna the great quality of the product.

NOS E-liquid uses only natural ingredients to manufacture its products and is known for high-quality and excellent flavor. All its products are appreciated in the vapers communities.

If you are vapers who like fruity ejuice and particularly grapes and blackcurrant, you will certainly appreciate NOS G-Force. Vapers like the natural taste and the fantastic vaping experience they obtain. This is one e-liquid you will have on your list as one of the best eliquids. The taste is fantastic. It’s overwhelmingly delicious.