The Azeroth RDA and Azeroth RTA are devices released by CoilART. The patented triple coil deck is present in both these products. The second velocity-style deck that can be found in the RTA and is the only difference between the two products. This deck that is present in the RTA is used for dual coil build.

Design and quality

You get to see that the Azeroth RTA is made with a velocity-style deck. This device has been designed by CoilART for easy use. Philips screws are used in order to attach the posts of the deck. The coils of this device have to be installed at the center of the bottom vent. The coils will work out perfectly if it is installed correctly. 

When you install the wick of the Azeroth RTA, you have to make sure that it is installed snug and not too tight in the coil. The ends of the coil have to be trimmed in order for these to sit properly above the bottom air vent. The cotton that will be used has to be stuffed properly before trimming down the coils. This is the only way to make the coils snug at the bottom of the deck. The wick has to fill the entire wick hole so to prevent leakage issues. It sure is a nice vaping experience when there are no leaks.

Once the coils have been trimmed down, these have to be placed properly. They should not be placed too high in order for the device to have an effective airflow and not too low so the air flow won’t choke. The ideal placement of the coils should be about 2mm above the air vent. This way these would hit right on the sweet spot.

When you fill up the tank of the Azeroth RTA, all you need to do is unscrew the top cap and just fill it through. When you do this, you can see two Crescent fill sections. A bottle or dripper can be used in order to fill up the tank. Either of the two will not have issues when filling up. You just have to make sure that the fill holes should not be filled over. The juice might work its way into the center hole when you screw the cap.


The Azeroth RTA has a juice volume of 4.5ml and is 24mm by 52mm in size. The triple coil deck of this device is gold plated which really looks nice. The extra dual coil deck that is included with the device is also gold plated. The drip tip is stainless steel and is wide open.  There is also an extra Delrin drip tip that is included with the product. The top fill of the Azeroth RTA is really convenient and the adjustable air flow is easy to use. This device will last a long time because of its high-quality materials.

Inside the box            

Once you get the product, you will see that the box includes the Azeroth velocity-style deck. The tank is also in the box which is really a durable one because it has been well machined. There are spare parts in the package that are needed for the device. Replaceable screws also come with the box and also a set of o-rings. Other items that are included when you purchase the device are a spare glass, and a coil instruction card. You also will get the CoilART vape band. The top cap of the device accepts 510 drip tips.


Azeroth RTA is one of the best RTA’s available in the market today. CoilART has made sure that the device is made up of high-quality materials and is easy to use.  You get the best from the device and one of the best parts is the Delrin top cap. It accepts 510 drip tips. You may be able to find other devices with a similar function, but CoilART made sure that the performance of the Azeroth RTA is unmatched. It is also sold at a very affordable rate. When you purchase it, you are sure that you get the best value for your money. The Azeroth RTA can be bought for only $29.99 at http://www.urvapin.com/.