Good n’ Evil makes exquisite blends of e-juices and Sweet Guava is one of its products with excellent flavor. The e-juice can be purchased online through Strictly Juice. The flavor of sweet guava is all yours with this product.

Sweet guava from Good n’ Evil has a delicious taste of the fruit. It has a refreshing flavor and you can taste the flavor of real sweet guava fruit in the e-juice. It is guaranteed to satisfy your taste and tantalize your taste buds. You can almost taste the fruit and forget that it is just the juice that you are inhaling. Its rich flavor leaves a mark and you will never forget how it tastes. You will even find yourself wanting for more of this flavor because of its sweet blend. The sweetness too is just the right amount of sweet that you will never get tired of inhaling.

You can right away taste the rich flavor of sweet guava once you inhale the juice. Once you exhale, you still can taste the full flavor as it leaves a satisfying taste on your tongue. There is no chemical aftertaste with this e-liquid and it’s hard to resist. You can vape all day with the rich flavor of this product. If you are a beginner at vaping, this flavor still fits your taste. If you already have been vaping for a while now, the sweet guava flavor is worth a try and you can tell the difference on how rich this product’s flavor is from the rest of the e-juices in the market.

You get a moderate throat hit from inhaling this e-juice. As the juice travels to the back of your throat, you will feel a small sensation. You get a soothing feeling when you inhale the liquid. Your mouth will not get dry with this sweet guava e-juice by Good n’ Evil. It is as if you taste a real sweet guava fruit with this juice.

The ratio of this product is 80/20 VG/PG. You get to taste more of the fruit flavor than its throat hit. The sweet guava gives out an impressive cloud production and that is what good n’ Evil is known for. There are large amounts of clouds when you exhale the juice. Even if you already have exhaled the juice, you still get to taste the sweet guava flavor because the taste lingers longer. The clouds also do not disappear right away and the smell is still left behind.

There are three nicotine strengths for this e-juice. These are 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. You get a stronger hit when you get the juice with a higher nicotine concentration. This can satisfy those that have been heavy smokers. There is also the 0mg nicotine strength for those who choose to play around with just the sweet rich flavor of the juice.

Good n’ Evil has an eye-catching packaging. The print that indicates the product’s information can easily be seen on the label. The logo of the company can also be seen right away when you pick the juice. The bottle of this product is spill proof. This has been made possible by the company in order for you to not spill the juice when you fill your tank. Vapers can easily use the bottle of the e-juice and is a great flavor for all day vaping. 

At the Strictly Juice website, there are different products from Good n’ Evil that you can choose from. There are a lot of choices and you will be amazed at the variety of these e-liquids. You can choose a flavor that’s just right for you. This sweet guava flavor can be purchased online at $18.99 for a 60ml bottle. You can grab one now and start enjoying the flavor of sweet guava when you vape.

Fresh sweet guava flavor is available in a 60ml bottle. The taste is so distinct that you are able to identify right away what flavor it is. It is all worth the value for your money since it is sold at a cheap price yet the juice is high-quality exquisite blend. This premium e-juice by Good n’ Evil is worth a try.