What makes the Christmas season special to you? Well, very few things embody the merriment of the holiday like some chocolate and a minty sweet candy cane. If you are looking for an ideal e-juice to give to someone as a gift during the upcoming Christmas holiday, look no further.

E-Liquid Specifications

VG/PG Ratio   83/17
Nicotine Levels  0mg  2mg  4mg  8mg  16mg
It’s available in 18ml and 132ml bottles

Taste and Flavor

Yuletide Cheer gives you the super creamy taste of peppermint with smooth chocolate to go with it. This e-liquid is quite sweet, and it gives you that coolness that we have come to expect from minty drinks. The flavor of this e-juice from Vape Moar is quite consistent. The peppermint flavor dominates the chocolate, but that is how it should be to give you a perfect taste. You do not get any weird aftertaste in your mouth while vaping Yuletide Cheer.

Since this e-liquid contains peppermint, you need to o shake it a bit before using it. Peppermint is one of those flavors that do not mix well in e-juice blends. You’ll be surprised how shaking this e-liquid can improve the taste. It is advisable to steep this e-liquid if it doesn’t taste as it is supposed to even after you have shaken it. Steeping is basically allowing unwanted water or alcohol to evaporate so that the ingredients of an e-liquid mix up properly. There are many ways to steep your e-juice. If you choose to steep this blend, pay close attention to it as overdoing it could result in a loss of some flavor.

Yuletide Cheer is a MAX VG e-juice. Therefore, it is quite thick. You will find that this e-liquid works best with dripping. It can soak up your coil properly, and you get the best taste. It is also possible to use this e-juice in a tank. However, for best results, drip it.

Another thing to keep in mind when vaping Yuletide Cheer is that the flavor of the e-liquid changes as you increase your wattage and temperature. At a higher wattage, you will notice that the peppermint flavor will become more creamy. Also, the cocoa flavor will become a bit bolder.

Yuletide Cheer will give you lots of clouds. The dense clouds you get from vaping this e-liquid linger around for a few seconds. Of course, the wattage that you’re vaping in, the resistance of your coil and other factors will affect how much vapor you produce after each hit.

Vape Moar’s Yuletide Cheer is available in different nicotine levels. At 4mg, it gives you a perfect throat hit. Do not opt for a version of this e-liquid with more than 4mg of nicotine unless you are a heavy smoker.

Since Yuletide Cheer is from Vape Moar, you can bet that it is cheap. You can get a 132ml bottle of this e-liquid at http://vapejuicedeals.com/. This offer will last until April next year.

Yuletide Cheer is made in the US by Vape Moar. The Wisconsin-based company, which was founded in 2015, sells premium e-liquids at really affordable prices. Yuletide Cheer is not the only e-liquid with peppermint flavor in the company’s collection. Yuletide Cheer’s Cool Customer and Cool Green e-liquid blends actually have a stronger minty flavor than Yuletide Cheer. Besides these e-liquids, the others you will find on the company’s online store include Mellow Gold, Cafe Creme, Baker’s Bean, Prince Pucker, Tropical Torte, Berry Bomb, and Summer Sweetie.

Overall, Yuletide Cheer is a great tasting e-liquid that you can enjoy vaping all day. The best part is that you do not have to wait until Christmas to feel the Yuletide Cheer.

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