The Monster Vape Labs brand is synonymous with quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. From their line of ‘The Milk’ is The Milk Fruity Vape Juice that delivers tasty treats and an impeccable vape experience. As hinted by its name, the e-liquid is a blend between Milk and a medley of fruits. This is one vape that you will find impossible to get enough of. Here is what to expect…

Top features

An irresistible classic cereal flavor

With ‘The Milk’ range of vape juices, Monster Vape Labs mimics the breakfast experience. It does so by creating e-juices with the exact taste as popular cereals. The Milk fruity has a creamy, milky, fruity, and cereal flavor that provides all-day vaping vibes. The irresistible taste will have you revisiting the experience several times a day. 

100ml bottle capacity

Buying in bulk is always cheaper and better in the long run. Monster Vape Labs makes your favorite vape juice in a 100ml bottle. No matter how much you vape per day, this amount of e juice will last longer and will reduce the cost of having to buy ten-10ml bottles. 

Ingredients and VG/PG ratio

The Milk Fruity is made of tobacco-free nicotine, flavors, Vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol. The VG/PG ratio is 75:25, making it a highly viscous vape juice. The Milk Fruity is best used in sub-ohm devices for the ultimate vapor and flavor production. Cloud chasers will appreciate the bold and thick vapor produced and the ability for the flavors to come shining through. 

E-juice nicotine strength

Monster Vape Labs has made The Milk Fruity in 3 nicotine strength variations. For those who prefer to vape without nicotine, the e-juice is available in 0mg nicotine. Nicotine vapers prefer different strengths depending on their experience and the effects desired. If you fall under this category, you can find The Milk in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths. The nicotine used is tobacco-free. 

Aesthetic bottle design

The Milk fruity comes in a colorful unicorn style bottle. It is adorned with a blend of blue, pink, white, and brown hues that draw your attention immediately. The bottle has a child-lock safety cap to ensure the safety of children. 


What more could you ask for in terms of flavor, consistency, and pricing? Monster Vape Labs has created a classic vape juice that comes highly recommended. This is definitely worthy of being added to your favorite e-juice flavors. 

About Monster Vape Labs

This Florida-based vape brand was founded in 2016. In those years, it has scaled the heights to become the leading vape juice and disposable brand. Monster Vape Labs operates in an ISO and GMP-certified 47,000 square feet facility. This is where some of its iconic products, such as the Jam monster and The Milk vape juices, have been created. The company sells products containing synthetic tobacco-free nicotine as of 2021. Thanks to its ability to stay consistent throughout the years, Monster Vape Labs is now the leader, and others follow. 

Where to buy The Milk Fruity vape juice 

A 100ml bottle of Milk Fruity Vape is available at Guide to Vaping for $14.99. Visit the site and make your purchase today. The company stocks some of the most prestigious vape products from the best brands in the world at affordable rates. You will also find tons of helpful information on products from its Learn, reviews, and blog section. Guide to Vaping has been operational for over 10 years and has gradually become the go-to place for anything vape-related.