TAAT is a hemp-based cigarette look-alike. Made by a Canadian company, designed by Philip Morris International alumni, and now being test-marketed in the U.S.A., TAAT are nicotine-free ‘cigarettes’ that promise a realistic smoking experience.

You should leave your tobacco cigarettes behind with TAAT patented Beyond Tobacco™ proprietary plant-based alternative with ZERO Nicotine and ZERO Tobacco. Feel the roll of the paper, hear it burn and smell that familiar scent, TAATs will fulfill your smoking rituals. 


TAAT cigarette has 3 flavors:

  • Original Flavor
  • Smooth Flavor
  • Menthol Flavor

However, for this particular article, we’ll be looking at only the Original flavor

Original Flavor

The big bold flavor of TAAT cigarette’s Original blend brings satisfaction to your senses. You can expect full flavors such as Marlboro Red, Winston and American Spirit Blue tobacco-free smoke

The Selling Proposition

TAAT cigarette contains no nicotine. It comes in all flavors. Beyond tobacco. These cigarettes are marketed to consumers as a celebration of smoking without the head-rush: “Between the tobacco-like taste and smell of the Beyond Tobacco™️ base material, the sight of smoke, the “crackling” sound of TAAT™ burning, and the physical sensations of inhaling and exhaling as well as flicking ashes, no detail has been overlooked in creating a satisfying experience for smokers.”

Just as the hemp has been modified to maintain and reinforce the distinctive tobacco smoking experience, the marketing is designed to maintain and reinforce the iconoclastic imagery of cigarette smoking. TAAT’s retro-hipster ads evoke a time when cigarettes were uncomplicated by health considerations, and they model defiant attitudes about smoking.

Another off-shoot of Big Tobacco

TAAT cigarettes blur the lines between cannabis- and tobacco products. TAAT is not the first company to enter this space. British American Tobacco is currently test-marketing CBD pods for its vaping products, and Philip Morris has also signalled its intention to go “beyond nicotine” into other (yet unspecified) botanicals. As with these other ventures, TAAT is an expansion of the tobacco trade: The people behind TAAT were until recently developing Philip Morris products and distribution systems.

A Harm Reduction Commercial Product

These cigarettes are yet another attempt to gain commercial advantage from harm reduction. Like vaping products, heated tobacco and modern oral, hemp cigarettes (and oral hemp), are marketed as a way for smokers to change their drug use without abandoning it. Commercialized harm reduction is running in two directions: e-cigarette manufacturers make money by encouraging people to access nicotine without tobacco, and TAAT offers hemp for those who want to smoke while avoiding tobacco and nicotine.


At the moment, TAAT is only available for sale to a resident of the Continental US and only to the States, not on the restricted list. Due to state regulations, they are unable to process and ship TAATs to Idaho, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, South Dakota and Utah.


Each pack gives you the same 20 sticks in a conventional flip-top carton at a fraction of the cost of the big-name brands you’ve been smoking. You do not need to go to a boutique weed dispensaries or convenience store shelves to buy TAAT Cigarette, just buy cigs online.

TAATs contain up to 25% CBD potential per stick with less than 0.2% THC. It cost just $6.99 at trytaat.com.