Top 3 Tobacco Flavored E Liquids
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The blending of an e-juice flavor has to be accurate to provide individuals with an overall satisfying vape.  This is especially true when it comes to tobacco e-liquids because most e-cig users who purchase e-cig products have smoked regular cigarettes in the past. They know what they are looking for and in order for these former smokers to keep coming back to e-cig products there can be no compromise in flavor.  Just like with regular cigarettes, there are e liquid tobacco flavors similar to the reds, golds, blues, and silvers that many former smokers are familiar with.

Usa Blend E-Juice by Mount Baker Vapor

PG 80% VG 20% – 12mg Nicotine

Those individuals who want to maintain the satisfaction they get in a regular cigarette can do so with this tobacco e-juice by Mount Baker Vapor.

Overall Flavor:

Taste is one of the things you will notice is truly identical to that of tobacco smokes.  It is just as real and pure as your favorite smoke.  The distinct tobacco taste is the star of this vape which creates an overall supreme vape.

Throat Hit and Vape:

This blend is like that of a regular red tobacco cig and because you can choose the amount of nicotine that is in each vape you may not even know that you aren’t smoking a regular cig. This e-juice will give vapers the throat hit they are looking for.

American Red E-Liquid by VaporFi

Electronic cigarettes can recreate the satisfying experience smokers get with tobacco products. However they cannot do it without the right e-juices that is why American Red e-liquid by Vapor Zone is among the most popular flavors.

Overall Flavor:

This flavor allows vapers to have real tobacco taste without the tobacco and they can vape it no matter where they are anytime they want.

Throat Hit and Vapor:

The vapor production with this e-juice is unmatchable when it comes to tobacco flavors. Grab some here

Longhorn E-Liquid by Halo

Overall Flavor:

This tobacco e-juice is a fire-cured mix that gives a robust taste. With the same full flavor you taste in a tobacco cig you will be overall pleased with the authenticity of this flavor.

Throat Hit and Vapor

The throat hit packs a pure punch without over doing it.  It is probable that this product by Halo has the most natural blended tobacco flavor.


Overall Thoughts:

Electronic cigarettes recreate the sensation of smoking a regular tobacco cigarette and with tobacco e-juices e-cig users can have the tobacco taste they crave.  The right blend of tobacco flavor is important in making sure that e-cig vapers are gratified and pleased with every vape.