Medusa’s Upper Cut devices are the best option if you want something more potent than the typical Delta 8 devices.

The Medusa Upper Cut devices are created to hit you with the most satisfying high, leaving you in a state of bliss and calm. They build on the roaring success of their Knockout Blend product. Every Upper Cut device is meticulously made to deliver consistently flavorful and extremely potent hits.

Upper Cut devices made by Medusa include premium cannabinoid extracts such as THC-H, Delta 8 live resin, and THCjd. These extracts are sourced from high-quality hemp plants grown in the U.S.

Each disposable vaporizer and cartridge in Medusa’s Upper Cut collection has 2000mg of cannabinoid extracts. Seven distinct strains each promise a different experience are available to select from.

THC-H + Delta 8 Live Resin + THC-JD Review

What comes to mind when you see a device called “Upper Cut”? Whatever you can imagine will never compare to the satisfying experience of using an Upper Cut device from Medusa. You are in for a treat, starting with the easy draw and lasting effects.

The cannabinoids used in the Upper Cut device were specifically chosen for their synergistic effects.

THC-P: Tetrahydrocannabihexol is also known as THC-P. The lengthy chemical structure of this naturally occurring cannabinoid is well known. It is roughly 15 times more potent than Delta 9 THC.

Delta 8 Live Resin: The entire terpene profile of the plant is present in this Delta 8 extract, which is made from hemp flowers. You will thus experience a richer flavor.

THCjd: This is a recently identified cannabinoid that the cannabis plant naturally produces. It is recognized for having psychoactive properties. THCjd is nearly 20 times more powerful than Delta 9.

These various cannabinoids combine to produce an enthralling vaping experience, much like the various instruments in an orchestra. To say that Medusa’s Upper Cut Blend is distinctive is an understatement. It will be difficult to find anything like this elsewhere. And if you do, its strength and quality will be insignificant compared to this.

Available Strains and Flavors

There are various strains and flavors available for the Upper Cut devices. What to anticipate from each strain is listed below.

  • Alaskan Thunder Fuck: There are several names for this Sativa variety, including Matanuska Thunder Fuck. It has a potent, nuanced flavor includes skunk, menthol, lemon, cedar, and pine. Additionally, it has a hint of nuttiness and earthiness.
  • Lemon Cherry Gelato: This exotic Sativa strain has a distinctive citrus flavor with notes of berry, earth, pine, and fruit.
  • Gary Payton: The well-known American basketball player is honored in the name of this hybrid strain. It is distinguished by an earthy, berry, nutty, musky, and piney aroma. It has a mildly sweet odor.
  • Gush Mintz: The flavor of this hybrid strain is oddly minty. Additionally, it has cherry, nutty, piney, and diesel notes.
  • Oreoz: The name of this hybrid strain is accurate. It has a mouthwatering aroma with hints of chocolate, nuts, and diesel flavors.
  • Watermelon Zkittlez: The flavor of this Indica strain is intensely tropical. You will detect hints of watermelon and sweet-sour citrus flavors.
  • Banana Breath: The sweet, fruity aroma of this Indica strain is well-known, and citrus notes predominate.

Product Features

  • Concentration Level: 2000mg
  • Ingredients: THC-H, Delta 8 Live Resin, THCjd
  • Made with US-Grown Hemp
  • Third-Party Lab Tested

Price and Availability

Medusa is on a mission to make the most distinct, powerful, and user-friendly hemp products, and this explains why this Uppercut device goes for a paltry sum of $38.99 on their online store, Medusa D8.